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The Most Ridiculously Overpowered Anime Characters of All Time

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We all know those anime series that have characters that are just way too overpowered. Characters that can take people out with one single punch. Characters that can fly and even become Gods themselves (if they aren't one already) seemingly out of nowhere. They're just way too powerful for their own good. This list is a collection of anime characters who have so much strength, mentally and/or physically, that it's just ridiculous. Vote up the anime guys and gals who have a silly amount of power.

When a character in a video game has too much power, they usually get nerfed. When a character in an anime has too much power, they nerf everyone (and everything) else. Brain power and physical power can make a character so OP that you start wondering if they have any sort of real weakness or anything that can actually stop them at all. It can get downright frustrating when an anime character is too overpowered, especially when you're rooting against them.

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    Even if vampires never age, something else should be able to destroy them... right? This certainly isn't the case with Alucard from Hellsing. Even decapitations and being stabbed in the heart won't kill Alucard, because he can conveniently recover from his fatal injuries almost instantaneously.

    This nifty power comes from all the people he fed off of and turned into familiars throughout the ages, which literally numbers in the millions. He can also command these millions of familiars as an army, which is totally OP. 

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  • The undefeated online group in the anime No Game No Life is known as "blank". The group is actually the hyper intelligent brother and sister duo Sora and Shiro. This intelligence is what makes them completely overpowered, with Sora being able to predict moves so far ahead in the future and being a master bluffer, and Shiro being a coldhearted calculator.

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    Of course the protagonist of the anime series known for its collection of ridiculously overpowered characters is going to be on this list. Goku, our charming star of the Dragon Ball series, has actually died multiple times only to come back to life with the help of the Dragon Balls. Even if his next overly-powered Sayian form doesn't do the trick, don't worry, he'll just be training and waiting to come back to kick butt when his friends wish him back.

    Oh, and let's not forget that he can actually defeat Gods now.

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    Gilgamesh from the Fate/Zero series can pull off as many overpowered attacks as he wants without even flinching. He owns the Noble Phantasms of every Hero Spirit, which are great and powerful treasures, as well as the sword that would become Excalibur.

    Wielding these strengths not only makes him completely indestructible, but a total jerky pain.

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