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The 15 Most Overpowered Anime Swordsmen, Ranked

December 7, 2020 7.0k votes 1.1k voters 46.3k views15 items

While you were partying, these anime characters studied the blade. Except unlike the guy from the meme, they're actually outrageously strong. In fact, some of these overpowered anime sword users are too strong. 

Some, like Guts from Berserk, wield gigantic swords powered by brute strength alone. Others fight with agility and finesse, like Levi Ackerman who does most of his blade work while catapulting through the air. A few of these guys are slicing through things like tanks and meteorites!

Which of these swordsmanship experts would you be the most excited - or the most afraid - to cross blades with? Vote them up! 

  • Kenpachi Zaraki is the captain of the 11th Division in the Gotei 13, and he's just about the last person you want to cross swords with. Even as a small child who'd been learning through trial and error, he was strong enough to not just lay waste to multiple adults, but injure Unohana, the first holder of the Kenpachi title. As an adult, he's far more formidable. Typically, he uses one hand, but for moves like Ryōdan which involve slicing his opponent straight down the middle, he'll use two. 

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  • Guts - Berserk
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    Ever since he was a child, Guts has been wielding a sword that was way too big for him. Instead of hindering him, this only enhanced his brute strength and gave him the skills to use the enormous Dragon Slayer with the ease one would expect with a much lighter weapon. After being continuously soaked with the blood of his foes, the Dragon Slayer became an even more effective weapon, one that Guts could use to devastate both humans and astral beings. 

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  • Levi Ackerman - Attack on Titan
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    Levi Ackerman serves as the captain of the Special Operations Squad of the Survey Corps, and he's also one of its strongest fighters. One of his most frequently used weapons is a sword, which he uses in an unusual way. Possibly inspired by the knife-fighting lessons he took from Kenny Ackerman as a kid, Levi holds his sword in reverse, with the outwards-facing blade to his back. This allows him to incorporate high-speed spinning techniques, and helps him save energy.

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  • Swordsmanship is the primary reason that Kenshin Himura was such an effective assassin. He was one of the few warriors who could use modoshigiri, a technique that created such a clean cut on a target that they could be sewn back together with no sign of the previous injury. He often relied on Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū, a fighting style that was created by Hiko Seijūrō I and passed along to Kenshin. It focuses on quick, efficient movements, and incorporates battōjutsu. Regular practice can even suppress the aging process, which is why Kenshin still looks like a teenager despite being in his 30s. 

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