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14 Overpowered Villains Who Never Should Have Lost A Fight

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Directors spend so much screen time building up their overpowered movie villains... only to have those same villains easily defeated by the hero when it comes time for the film to end. If the villain is so darn powerful, why don't they ever seem to win? Whether they're the strongest villains in Marvel or the strongest villains in a fantasy film, they never seem to be able to actually overcome the hero. 

To find a way for the hero to overcome the overpowered villains they've created, filmmakers have to get pretty creative. Take Doctor Strange trapping Dormammu in a time loop, for example. Sure, there's no chance Strange would ever beat Dormammu in a fair fight, but if a hero is clever enough, they can take on a god.

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    The Aliens In 'Independence Day'

    The Independence Day aliens are a race of incredibly advanced beings with high-tech weaponry and superpowers. The aliens first announce their arrival on Earth with a coordinated assault on major cities, where they fire massive lasers into metropolitan areas and wipe out millions. If the weaponry isn't enough on its own, when the humans first capture an alien, they learn that even outside their ships, they're incredibly powerful and have telepathic abilities. 

    The humans manage to defeat the aliens because the film's protagonist is an MIT-trained computer genius who programs a piece of software that can hack into the alien spaceship shields. This leaves room for the shields to be brought down, and the humans manage to detonate a nuclear device in the alien's primary ship. 

    The aliens in Independence Day are overpowered, to be sure, but it seems like that may have been the source of their defeat. They know they are stronger, so they underestimate their opponents. 

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    Without a single Infinity Stone, Thanos is powerful enough to defeat the Hulk in hand-to-hand combat. That alone is a ridiculous amount of power that puts Thanos on par with practically any other movie villain in history, and that's not even a fraction of Thanos's power. 

    Thanos's real power comes from the Infinity Stones, which, when used together, allow Thanos to alter the fabric of the universe in any way he sees fit. Thanos, of course, uses the stones to eradicate half of all life in the universe in a second. 

    So, how does someone solve a problem like Thanos? Well, the Avengers manage to take Thanos down after he severely weakens himself by voluntarily using the stones to destroy the stones. Then, Thanos's work takes over five years to undo, and the Avengers only manage to undo it through time travel. 

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    Pennywise is one of the most terrifying and powerful horror movie monsters out there. Pennywise seems to have some sort of control over reality itself (or, at the very least, the ability to create powerful physical constructs/illusions) and can manipulate himself and his surroundings in terrifying ways. In one moment, he appears as a clown, and in the next, he's a massive spider monster with a clown head. 

    Pennywise is so powerful, there's virtually no way to defeat him at full his strength. Instead, the Losers have to first weaken him by overcoming their own fear (or, in the case of Chapter 2, insulting him). Then, in Pennywise's weakened state, it is possible to harm him physically

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    Ghidorah In 'Godzilla: King of the Monsters'

    There's a reason Ghidorah is often referred to as King Ghidora. After Ghidora awakens in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, he quickly establishes himself as the Titan alpha by swiftly defeating Rodan and having multiple brawls with Godzilla. As the alpha, Ghidora becomes even more powerful, as he is now in control of all the other Titans. Ghidora flexes that power in the film by causing massive amounts of destruction across the entire world - not just through the monster strikes themselves, but also through the natural disasters their actions trigger. 

    When Ghidora defeats Godzilla for the first time in the film, Godzilla returns to full strength through the intervention of humans. The second time Ghidora defeats Godzilla (by dropping him back to Earth from the stratosphere), Mothra sacrifices itself to heal and supercharge Godzilla. Even with Godzilla supercharged, Ghidora still puts up a fight and seems to be on the verge of winning when the humans intervene with the ORCA, allowing Godzilla to get the upper hand

    In a fair fight, Ghidora never loses to Godzilla. The only reason Ghidora is defeated is through multiple humans and Titans working together to take down the king. 

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