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14 Overpowered Villains Who Never Should Have Lost A Fight

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Directors spend so much screen time building up their overpowered movie villains... only to have those same villains easily defeated by the hero when it comes time for the film to end. If the villain is so darn powerful, why don't they ever seem to win? Whether they're the strongest villains in Marvel or the strongest villains in a fantasy film, they never seem to be able to actually overcome the hero. 

To find a way for the hero to overcome the overpowered villains they've created, filmmakers have to get pretty creative. Take Doctor Strange trapping Dormammu in a time loop, for example. Sure, there's no chance Strange would ever beat Dormammu in a fair fight, but if a hero is clever enough, they can take on a god.

  • Darth Sidious is the epitome of overpowered. Throughout the films, Sidious overpowers some of the most powerful Force users, Yoda included. He manages to take over the entire galaxy, and even once he perishes in Return of the Jedi, he isn't really dead. Darth Sidious has the brains to plan a galactic takeover and the brawn to take down anyone who stands in his way. 

    The strangest thing about Sidious is that he manages to survive throughout the years between Return of the Jedi and Rise of Skywalker, just to instantly die in his first fight. The problem with Sidious is that he doesn't learn from his mistakes. After Darth Vader betrayed him in Jedi, he should have learned not to trust pupils, yet he immediately puts his faith in Kylo. Kylo betrays Sidious just like Vader before him, and Rey manages to deflect Sidious's lightning back at him, melting the flesh off his skin. To be fair, Rey only defeats Sidious because she taps into the combined might of all of the fallen Jedi before her. 

    So, basically, Sidious is so overpowered that it takes every Jedi that has ever existed, working together, to bring him down once and for all.

    Too strong to lose?
  • Loki is a trickster god who once laid siege to Earth. Thor is a member of the Avengers whose power is known throughout all the realms. Yet, neither of these brothers holds a candle to their sister. Hela is the goddess of war who once helped her father conquer the Nine Realms. After the successful conquering of said realms, Odin decides he's had enough of Hela's bloodlust, so he banishes her. 

    Once Hela is free from her imprisonment, she quickly gets to work flexing her might. She defeats her brothers in seconds, then takes on the entirety of the Asgardian army alone (along with the Warriors Three). 

    Thor and Loki only manage to defeat their sister by invoking Ragnarok and having the Surtur lay waste to Asgard.

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  • Dormammu is the supreme ruler of an entire dimension. He possesses an amount of power that is practically unfathomable to the human mind. His power is so great that his ambition is to conquer the entire multiverse. 

    While fighting Doctor Strange, Dormammu shows off his might by instantaneously destroying Strange. But, thanks to the Time Stone, Strange resets the clock and restarts the confrontation. Still, Dormammu is so powerful, he is able to kill Strange hundreds of times. It's absolutely no contest. Yet, because Strange is able to keep them trapped in a time loop, Dormammu has no choice but to abandon his conquest of Earth. 

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  • The Terminator is a nigh-unstoppable killing machine from the future sent back in time to eliminate the future leader of the human rebellion. Unlike the previous Terminator model, the T-1000 is made completely with a mimetic polyalloy so it can change its shape at will to any form it desires. The T-1000's physical makeup also allows it to withstand tremendous amounts of force, seeing as it's comprised of a liquid metal that can reshape itself. 

    The Terminator Model 101 manages to terminate the T-1000 on a bit of a fluke by blasting it with a grenade launcher and knocking it into molten steel.

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