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15 Overprotective Anime Fathers Who Take Their Dad Duties Seriously

How do anime dads react to the idea of their children coming to harm? Most will try to do something to prevent it, but nobody goes as hard as overprotective anime fathers. These dads not only do whatever it takes to defend their kids from actual harm, they also can't tolerate the idea of their daughters growing up and dating boys. In some cases, this protection is loving and helpful, but in other cases all these dads are doing is inconveniencing or even harming their kids.

Whether it's Maes Hughes threatening pre-schoolers with a gun if they dare come near his daughter in Fullmetal Alchemist or Dale fantasizing about breaking the bones of Latina's future husband in If It's for My Daughter, I'd Even Defeat a Demon Lord, these dads are intense to say the least. Tough though they might be, no one can say they're not loving.

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    Maes Hughes - 'Fullmetal Alchemist'

    Maes Hughes is best known for being the doting father of his three-year-old daughter Elicia. While his affection for her is usually pretty wholesome, he went a little off the deep end when he threatened a bunch of three-year-old boys with a gun when he thought that they might be making a move on his baby.

    He's a sweetheart who would never actually hurt a small child, which is what keeps the scene from being funny instead of creepy. 

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    Dale - 'If It's for My Daughter, I'd Even Defeat a Demon Lord'

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    Dale is one of the most recent additions to the canon of overprotective anime dads. His daughter Latina is a super cute demon child who he finds dressed in rags on the side of the road. Though he's only eighteen, he ends up adopting her.

    As he deals with the stresses of trying to balance his job as an adventurer with the demands of parenthood, he also has to worry about the secrets in Latina's past. In the process, he gets super protective of her. Not only will he defend her from actual danger, he fantasizes about incinerating and breaking the bones of whatever random man eventually marries her.

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  • Vegeta is definitely not overprotective when it comes to his son Trunks - he's happy to have him risk his life fighting alongside him. But when it comes to his daughter Bra, it's a different story - especially in Dragon Ball GT

    Bra isn't a fighter, so she's never seen kicking butt with her dad. Instead, their bonding moments revolve around Bra's interests, like shopping. That's where the protectiveness comes out. In one scene in GT, the two of them are driving back home after a shopping spree. Two guys in a nearby car start hitting on Bra. Vegeta responds by running them off of a cliff. He might act indifferent toward Bra most of the time, but he still isn't going to let anyone mess with her.

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  • Akio Furukawa is so protective over his daughter Nagisa that he flips out over the idea of her being sexually active - even though she's married. 

    To be fair to Akio, though, Nagisa is fresh out of high school. What's more, she's been chronically ill her whole life, which means that she genuinely requires more help from her parents than most people do.

    While he does jokingly threaten her husband Tomoya with serious bodily harm, he's also letting Tomoya live in his house. He's protective of his kid, but for him that means doing what's actually best for her - which in this case means helping her to be with the man she loves as she figures out the whole adulthood thing. 

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