Which Actors In 'Star Wars' Are Overqualified For The Series?

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Vote up the classy or acclaimed thespians with such ridiculous acting chops that it's surprising they show up in space opera movies and shows.

A franchise as massive as Star Wars can pull in some extreme talent to appear movies and shows. after all, even respected stage actors have to pay the bills, and a property like Star Wars presumably pays enough to keep the lights on. Sometimes, though, the caliber of acting is far beyond expectations for a blockbuster series that's more associated with spectacle than Oscar-worthy acting. But that's how you end up with performances that are better than they have any right to be, even if performers like Alec Guiness weren't thrilled to be in Star Wars

Vote up the actors who seem like they were overqualified when they signed up to act against puppets and CGI in a galaxy far, far away