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The Most Overqualified Performances In DC Movies

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The DC movies are a mixed bag in terms of film quality, but certainly not in terms of the quality of actors cast to bring these legendary roles to life. One thing the Superman films of the '70s and '80s, the Batman films of the '90s, and the DCEU films of today all have in common is the tremendous talent level of the actors hired in both lead and supporting roles. 

The DC films have an interesting knack for hiring acclaimed actors to bring to life small supporting roles. (For that matter, so does Marvel.) This may sound surprising at first, but there are several reasons for it. For one thing, Warner Bros. has deep pockets and only wants to hire the best talent for its tentpole franchises. For another, many of the DC characters have been around since the '30s and '40s, meaning that basically every actor that's ever been in a DC film grew up loving these characters in one way or another. This results in the interesting phenomenon of DC films having some of the biggest actors in the world in some of the smallest parts in their movies.

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