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The Most Overqualified Actors Who Became Nerd Franchise Icons

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To create a memorable sci-fi summer blockbuster, you're going to need a strong hero, a lovable sidekick, slick special effects... and a collection of Shakespearean trained actors. That last one is especially crucial, as it seems the most elite actors in the world, the real high-class upper-crust types, have all delivered career-defining roles in popcorn flicks based on comic books.

It's not a rare occurrence to have movies featuring famous actors who started in theater. The phenomenon is so pervasive in these nerd franchises that it must be in the curriculum over at the Royal Shakespeare Company. Step 1: Spend years honing your craft on stages in the West End learning to master the ability to deliver emotionally gripping performances in service of the arts. Step 2: Disney will pay you $10 million to use those skills to play a villain with a British accent.

To be clear, these actors do a great job in these roles. It's just that, with all their prestigious training to perform on stage, one has to wonder if they ever imagined they'd be posing with a cosplayer at a convention hall.

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