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The 13 Most Overrated Anime Characters Of All Time

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There are plenty of anime characters who are widely beloved - but not all of them deserve that adoration. In fact, a significant portion of protagonists are unbelievably overrated. The buck doesn't stop at characters, either; there are plenty of overrated anime programs, as well. Some overvalued heroes fit snuggly into established tropes without adding a new or interesting spin to them. Others are just compromised characters who did horrible things that were ultimately ignored by the fandom.

Overrated doesn't necessarily mean bad. Actually, some of these characters are awesome. Overrated means they get more attention than they deserve, or that their flaws are overlooked. If you see your favorite character on this list, it doesn't mean you have bad taste or that you shouldn't love them - only that there are good reasons others may not feel the same way.