Overwatch Characters Drawn As Pokemon

If you're a fan of both Overwatch and Pokémon, then this list is for you. Although the two games are extremely popular, that's probably the only thing they have in common. Despite these differences, these artists did everyone a favor and fused fan-favorite, memorable characters together, ending in a glorious Overwatch/Pokémon mash-up. This list is a collection of amazing digitally and traditionally drawn Overwatch fan art that reimagines these beloved characters in the form of your favorite Pokémon.

Since everyone knows that Blizzard and Nintendo probably won't be getting together anytime soon to put out some Pokémon/Overwatch monster-capturing game, at least you can dream... or in the case of these artists, draw!


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    Reaper As Cubone

    Reaper As Cubone
    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY

    Goinggohinggone's Reaper as Cubone is a perfect fit for the two skull-faced characters.

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    Pikachu Plays Tracer

    Super adorable Pikachu as Tracer by ckibe! The resemblance is almost uncanny.

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    Alakazam As Zenyatta

    Alakazam As Zenyatta
    Photo: flickr / CC0

    Alakazam gets a while new set of moves, and silverware, in itsmagichere's recreation of him as the Overwatch character, Zenyatta.

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    Soldier: 76 As Blastoise

    Seok-bum Han's mash-up of Soldier: 76 and Blastoise has got you in their sights.