Overwatch Characters Drawn As Pokemon

If you're a fan of both Overwatch and Pokémon, then this list is for you. Although the two games are extremely popular, that's probably the only thing they have in common. Despite these differences, these artists did everyone a favor and fused fan-favorite, memorable characters together, ending in a glorious Overwatch/Pokémon mash-up. This list is a collection of amazing digitally and traditionally drawn Overwatch fan art that reimagines these beloved characters in the form of your favorite Pokémon.

Since everyone knows that Blizzard and Nintendo probably won't be getting together anytime soon to put out some Pokémon/Overwatch monster-capturing game, at least you can dream... or in the case of these artists, draw!


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    Zenyatta As Mewtwo

    People love fusing psychic Pokémon and Zenyatta, and alanprince's Mewtwo as Zenyatta makes for a mindful treat. 

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    Junkrat As Rattata And Roadhog As Embroar

    Artist Namchu cleverly fused together Pokémon and Overwatch characters with their creation of Junkratatta and Roadroar, a fusion of Junkrat and Ratatta and Roadhog and Emboar.

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    Widowmaker As A Purrloin

    Widowmaker As A Purrloin
    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY

    Widowmaker and Purrloin are both stealthy strikers, and hiimmagz highlights this perfectly with their awesome art.

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    Genji (Greninja Skin)

    This awesome digital drawing of Genji as Greninja is by st-alpha, and this Pokémon skin for this hero fits him almost better than the one's Blizzard gave him