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25 Brilliant Gender Bend Overwatch Cosplays

Updated June 14, 2019 5.1k votes 486 voters 9.3k views25 items

List RulesVote up the most accurate, detailed, and creative costumes created by dedicated Overwatch cosplayers.

Get ready for some Overwatch cosplays to make you do a double-take! Some of these resemble crossplays, where a person embodies a character with a gender different from their own. On this list, you'll find a magnificent collection of Overwatch cosplayers breaking down the walls of gender boundaries and dressed up as whatever male or female characters they wanted to! From male Mercys and Zaryas to female Junkrats and Roadhogs, these cosplaying heroes are an awesome display of both beauty and might. Vote up the genderbent cosplayers as Overwatch characters that really deserve the play of the game, and vote down the ones that you don't think are the best.

Blizzard's multiplayer shooter game has taken the geek world by storm, so there's no shortage of enthusiastic gamers who like to dress up as their favorite characters. Keep scrolling to see some absolutely amazing examples of what the some of the most creative models, photographers, and designers in the gaming world have to offer.