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Perfect and Inexpensive Gifts for Overwatch Fans

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With millions of active gamers capturing control points and pushing payloads every day, it's no surprise that there are many great Overwatch gifts available, from fashion accessories to custom controller stands. Whether you're shopping for post-holiday deals on Overwatch merchandise or just hoping to spread the Overwatch fandom to a gamer you love, these cheap presents for Overwatch fans and players are sure to impress.

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  • Photo: ExcelsiorGeekware / Etsy

    Overwatch can get stressful. Take a shot, but make sure it's out of a fun Overwatch glass that will help remind you that capturing points (or even losing them) is supposed to be all about having a good time. This collection of hero-inspired shot glasses looks great and features frosted emblems to represent certain characters. It's also one of the few gift ideas that doesn't exclude Bastion or Lucio from the hero options. 

    Price: $5.00 per shot glass

  • A life-size loot crate is a particularly fun storage solution. The lid snaps closed and customers can select different painting options or even add text to the loot crate. Perhaps the best thing about this loot crate gift is the simple fact that they won’t have to deal with those pesky drop rates. This loot crate will always be there when they need it. 

    Price: Starting at $24.99

  • Your loved one can cuddle up with the entire Overwatch team thanks to a line of fleece blankets that offer a variety of different Overwatch-inspired prints. One version of the fleece depicts heroes like D.Va, Mercy, Hanzo, and Widowmaker standing at the ready. Other versions of the blanket have images like Reaper during Death Blossom or the view from Widowmaker’s scope. 

    Price: $66.99

  • This bracelet has a simple, minimal design that also pays homage to Overwatch's resident guardian angel, Mercy. The chic piece of jewelry has the words "Heroes Never Die" etched into the aluminum. It's one of the best sounds you can hear in the game when your own Mercy is bringing you and your teammates back to life and, hopefully, this bracelet can help the Overwatch player in your life express their gratitude for Mercy. 

    Price: $14.00