Weird Nature This Woman Nearly Drowned In The Ocean Trying To Rescue Her Dog  

Mick Jacobs

Imagine the fear of watching your pet getting swept away by an ocean current. The woman in the video below not only watched this happen, she was basically unable to do anything to save the pup as it was dragged out to sea.

Near the Brighton Palace Pier in England, this unfortunate owner's dog was swept up in a powerful current. As the waves pounded the shore, the poor pooch valiantly struggled to return to shore to no avail.

Their owner found herself in a similar situation, totally unable to save her dog from at the massive waves and the elemental power of the ocean. Thankfully, a bystander happened to be nearby and ready to contribute some heroic action.

Do you think you could have saved your pet from these pounding waves alone? Watch the video below and see what you think.