Graveyard Shift

Her Parents Abandoned Her At The Age Of 3, But Wild Dogs Raised Her As Their Own Feral Child

Stories of children raised by animals are popular in folklore and literature - The Jungle Book for one - but there are more documented cases of this happening in reality then you'd think. While few and far between, there have been incidents when orphaned or abandoned children were taken in by animals. Called feral children, such kids often fail to develop language and basic social skills. One such case involved a Ukranian child named Oxana Malaya. Neglected by alcoholic parents at age three, Malaya took refuge with a wild dog pack. 

After she was discovered - five years later - the world was captivated by the story of the girl raised by wild dogs. Malaya was the subject of many documentaries and articles over the years. She was dubbed the "Dog Girl" - a term she really doesn't prefer, who would? - and while her reintroduction into society has been difficult, she has successfully transitioned. Here's everything there is to know about how one girl survived living in the wild among animals.