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List of Famous Bands from Oxford

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List of Oxford bands, listed by their level of fame. This Oxford musicians list includes both bands and solo artists. All famous Oxford bands are included, as well as many Oxford musicians of underground status. This list of Oxford musical artists includes information like what genre the artist falls under, what albums they've put out and more. If you want to know more about these famous Oxford bands you can click on their names to learn more about them. Bands from every genre are listed here, including rock, pop, hip-hop/rap, jazz, and more.

List is made up of bands like Foals and R. L. Burnside.

If you're wondering, "What bands are from Oxford?" or "What is a list of Oxford bands?" then this list will answer your questions. {#nodes}
  • 1
    Dance-punk, New Prog

    AlbumsAntidotes, Holy Fire, Cassius, iTunes Live: London Festival '08, Total Life Forever

    Foals are a rock band from Oxford, England formed in 2005, consisting of lead vocalist and lead guitarist Yannis Philippakis, drummer and percussionist Jack Bevan, rhythm guitarist Jimmy Smith, and...  more

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  • 2
    Punk blues, Juke joint blues

    AlbumsHeritage of the Blues: No Monkeys on This Train, A Ass Pocket of Whiskey, Burnside on Burnside, Well ... Well ... Well, Mississippi Hill Country Blues

    NationalityUnited States of America

    R. L. Burnside (November 23, 1926 – September 1, 2005) was an American blues singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He played music for much of his life but received little recognition before the early...  more

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  • 3
    Electronic music, Experimental rock


    Edward John O'Brien (born 15 April 1968) is an English guitarist and member of the alternative rock band Radiohead. O'Brien attended Abingdon School in Oxford, England, where he met the other members...  more

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  • 4
    Britpop, Alternative rock

    AlbumsIn It for the Money, I Should Coco, Supergrass, Life on Other Planets, Road to Rouen

    Supergrass were an English alternative rock band from Oxford. The band consisted of brothers Gaz and Rob Coombes, Mick Quinn and Danny Goffey. Gaz Coombes, Mick Quinn and Danny Goffey formed...  more

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  • 5
    Shoegazing, Dream pop

    AlbumsEjector Seat Reservation, Raise, 99th Dream, Juggernaut Rides '89-'98, Mezcal Head

    Swervedriver are an English alternative rock band formed in Oxford in 1989 around core members Adam Franklin and Jimmy Hartridge. Between 1989 and 1998, the band released four studio albums and...  more
  • 6
    Shoegazing, Space rock

    AlbumsNowhere, Brixton Academy (27/03/92), Carnival of Light, Tarantula, Waves

    Ride are a British rock band that formed in 1988 in Oxford, England, consisting of Andy Bell, Mark Gardener, Laurence "Loz" Colbert, and Steve Queralt. The band were initially part of the...  more

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  • 7
    Hip hop music, Asian Underground

    NationalityUnited Kingdom

    Gurdeep Samra (known as G Samra) is a British Asian music producer and DJ from Bicester, England. As a producer, he has a notable presence within the world music community. He is often labelled as a...  more
  • 8
    12 Rods was an indie rock band formed in Oxford, Ohio, United States in 1992. The group went on to relocate to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1995 until its end in 2004....  more
  • 9
    Alternative rock, Indie rock

    AlbumsPlunder, Beg, and Curse, The Cradle, Colour Revolt

    Colour Revolt is an American rock band from Oxford, Mississippi....  more
  • 10
    The Bridges is an American folk rock band that formed in Oxford, Alabama in 2005 consisting of cousins and siblings Brittany Painter, Natalie Byrd, Stacey Byrd, Issaca Byrd, and Jeremy Byrd. The...  more
  • 11
    Shoegazing, Britpop

    AlbumsLive @ The Knitting Factory, New York City, These Beautiful Ghosts, Magdalen Sky, The Story of the Eye


    Mark Stephen Gardener (born 6 December 1969, in Oxford, England) is an English rock musician, and a singer and guitarist with the shoegazing band Ride....  more
  • 12

    AlbumsThunder and Lightning, Automatic Lover, Cosmic Curves, Il meglio


    Dee D. Jackson (born Deirdre Elaine Cozier, 15 July 1954, Oxford, England) is an English singer and musician. In the 1970s, she worked as a film producer in Munich, Germany, before moving into music,...  more
  • 13
    Electronic music, Alternative rock


    Colin Charles Greenwood (born 26 June 1969) is an English musician and the bassist for the alternative rock band Radiohead. Along with his younger brother, Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood,...  more
  • 14
    Space rock, Jazz fusion

    AlbumsPast Or Future, Prophets Of Time, Xitintoday, Sphynx, Future Cities of the Past


    Nicholas "Nik" Turner (born 26 August 1940) is an English musician, best known as a former member of space rock pioneers Hawkwind. Turner plays saxophones, flute, sings, and is a composer. While with...  more
  • 15
    Rock music, Britpop

    AlbumsStep into My World, Only The Strongest Will Survive Remixes, Only the Strongest Will Survive, Step Into My World EP, Hurricane #1

    Hurricane #1 were a British indie rock band, formed in Oxford in 1996. The band were formed by former Ride guitarist Andy Bell, along with vocalist / guitarist Alex Lowe, bassist Will Pepper and...  more
  • 16
    Americana, Alternative rock

    AlbumsThe Heart Is the Place, Don't Bring Me Down, Ozona EP, Extended Play, Same Picture

    Goldrush are a rock band from Oxfordshire, England. Their music has been compared to Nick Drake, The Byrds, The Flaming Lips and Grandaddy. The band centres on brothers Robin and Joe Bennett. The...  more
  • 17
    Acoustic music



    Andy Yorke (born 10 January 1972) is an English musician and former lead singer and guitarist for the band Unbelievable Truth. He is the younger brother of Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke....  more
  • 18
    Electronic music, House music

    AlbumsWe Control, THE PANIC, Rewired, Wired, Bedrock Breaks: DJ Hyper

    NationalityUnited Kingdom

    DJ Hyper is a British DJ, producer and remixer known for his liberal use of live bass, guitars and uncompromising vocals. He has done remixes for artists such as BT and Paul Van Dyk and his music has...  more
  • 19
    Indie pop

    AlbumsBackwash, Was It Just a Dream?, They've Scoffed the Lot, Rock Legends: Volume 69, Where's the Cougar

    Talulah Gosh were a guitar-pop group from Oxford, England and one of the leading bands of the twee pop movement, taking their name from the headline of an NME interview with Clare Grogan. They...  more
  • 20

    AlbumsThe Third Man

  • 21

    AlbumsSunday Morning Fever, Fun?, Space I'm In, Death of a Minor TV Celebrity, Live at the Zodiac

    The Candyskins are a rock band formed in 1989 in Oxfordshire, England. Though early members of the 'Oxford Scene', they enjoyed limited commercial success compared to their contemporaries Radiohead...  more
  • 22
    Britpop, Alternative rock

    AlbumsJust Got Back Today

    The Jennifers were a short-lived British rock group formed at Wheatley Park School and featuring vocalist Gaz Coombes, guitarist Nic Goffey, drummer Danny Goffey and bassist Andy Davies. Danny and...  more
  • 23
    Bubblegum pop, Pop music

    AlbumsBest of the Lemon Pipers, Green Tambourine, Golden Classics, Jungle Marmalade

    The Lemon Pipers were a 1960s psychedelic pop band from Oxford, Ohio, known chiefly for their song "Green Tambourine", which reached No. 1 in the United States in 1968. The song has been credited as...  more

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  • 24
    Pop punk, Rock music

    AlbumsIt Is What It Is, Evolved, Welcome To Our Tea Party

    HashTag Alice was formed in Oxford in 2011, and is best-described as somewhere between Nickelback and Avril Lavigne in sound. Fronted by Amalia May, the 5 piece band is releasing "Welcome To Our Tea...  more
  • 25
    Pop music, Rock music

    AlbumsGood Nature, Homeless Musics, Hurrah! Another Year, Surely This One Will Be Better Than the Last; The Inexorable March of Progress Will Lead Us All to Happiness, Ores

    Youthmovies were an English rock quintet active from 2002 to 2010. They comprised Andrew Mears, Al English, Graeme Murray, Stephen Hammond and Sam Scott. Simon Jones, drummer from the band Hope of...  more