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Oz Might Be The Future Cult Leader On American Horror Story... And May Have Been In Season 1

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AHS:Cult is now in full swing, and the interwebiverse is all abuzz with theories and heated chats about what will be in store for this politically inspired season. Just who has pledged loyalty to the cause? Is Ally a plain old basket case? What’s the deal between twisted maybe-siblings Kai and Winter?

One of the most popular questions circling the Reddit boards these days has to do with Ally and Ivy’s son, Ozymandius, and has the potential to be a mind-blowing game changer for the series as a whole. Could Oz be the future leader of the cult AND the demon spawn Michael from Murder House?!

There’s just too many coincidences to ignore regarding AHS:Cult’s littlest cast member and his potential future as leader of the insane clown cult posse. Read on for more evidence and judge for yourself whether these theories have any merit.

  • Ozymandias Is No Ordinary Name

    Oz may sound just like any other new age moniker chosen out of an alternative baby name site, but in reality, it’s a name with a whole lot of meaning behind it. Ozymandias was the Greek name for pharaoh Ramses II, one of the most prominent leaders of the Egyptian Empire. It’s also the title of a 19th century poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley which refers to Ozymandias as the “King of Kings” whose kingdom would eventually fall despite his pride and conceit (sound familiar to anyone?).

    Another stretch of a connection is to the award-winning graphic novel, Watchmen, which features a charismatic, blonde, super intelligent, superhero who goes by the name Ozymandias. Spoiler alert: Ozymandias ends up being a bad guy.

    One could argue that Oz’s name was particularly chosen by someone who has big plans in mind for this little tyke one day.

  • Winter Is Grooming Oz For Greatness

    Winter is the sister of Kai, Michigan’s resident anarchist, and possible crony for his cause. She, by no mere coincidence, is full-time nanny to Oz while his moms work on keeping their family afloat. One would expect a nanny to instill some wisdom on to their charge, but Winter’s no Mary Poppins and her lessons are much darker.

    So far, Oz has been subjected to a series of graphically violent videos by Winter as a so-called “vaccination for fear.” She’s also linked pinkies with Oz in her and Kai's strange ritual to share fear and become stronger. What could she be preparing him for?

  • Mother Ivy Has Secrets She’s Not Telling

    Many have pointed out that Oz’s mother Ivy may be the most shrouded in mystery thus far. Why is she never around when her wife Ally is being terrorized by those nefarious clowns? Did Oz inherit his blonde locks and vision deficiencies from her as his biological mother? Her name is suspiciously similar in theme to suspected cult members Winter and Meadow. Could she be involved in a long planned endeavor to create and raise a future leader for the cult? It seems a little too convenient that she is the only member of the Mayfair-Richards family to not be terrorized by the clowns in one way or another.

  • Mother Ally Is Being Primed For Something Big

    Whatever the end goal may be for the people behind the masks, it’s obvious that the clown-attired cult group is actively targeting Oz’s mom, Ally. They are somehow aware of Ally’s many phobias, including coulrophobia and trypophobia, and seem bent on using every opportunity to trigger those fears to the point of madness.

    Perhaps the group chose Ally to raise Oz so that she could show him how fear can truly paralyze people and motivate him to want to do something about it. Early signs of a divide between Oz and Ally might also foreshadow a future showdown or ritual that involves Ally being destroyed by Oz’s own hand. Moreover, if Ivy is in on the plan to groom Oz, Ally's current terrorizing may be the plan to get her out of the picture so the cult can openly "parent" Oz.