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Oz Might Be The Future Cult Leader On American Horror Story... And May Have Been In Season 1

Updated 3 Mar 2018 4.0k views11 items

AHS:Cult is now in full swing, and the interwebiverse is all abuzz with theories and heated chats about what will be in store for this politically inspired season. Just who has pledged loyalty to the cause? Is Ally a plain old basket case? What’s the deal between twisted maybe-siblings Kai and Winter?

One of the most popular questions circling the Reddit boards these days has to do with Ally and Ivy’s son, Ozymandius, and has the potential to be a mind-blowing game changer for the series as a whole. Could Oz be the future leader of the cult AND the demon spawn Michael from Murder House?!

There’s just too many coincidences to ignore regarding AHS:Cult’s littlest cast member and his potential future as leader of the insane clown cult posse. Read on for more evidence and judge for yourself whether these theories have any merit.

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