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Ozzy Osbourne tattoos, ranked by fans of the sexy star and of body art. Heavy metal icon Ozzy Osbourne was the lead vocalist and frontman for English band Black Sabbath and the star of MTV's hit reality series "The Osbournes." The self-proclaimed Prince of Darkness formed Black Sabbath in 1969, which released its self-titled debut album the following year. The legendary hard rock group released its hit follow up albums "Paranoid" that same year and "Master of Reality" in 1971. Around that time, Ozzy met his future wife Sharon Arden, who was the daughter of Black Sabbath's manager. Ozzy and Sharon married in 1982 and had three children, two of whom (Kelly and Jack) co-starred with them on the popular MTV show "The Osbournes." Ozzy continued to perform as a successful solo artist and headliner of his annual heavy metal tour Ozzfest. In 2011, he reunited with Black Sabbath and released the album "13" two years later.

Ozzy Osbourne's tats honor the people in his life that are most important to him and remind him of how far he's come in the entertainment industry. Ozzy has at least 10 tattoos, each with a special meaning or memory. Ozzy Osbourne body art includes a tribute to his wife and manager Sharon with a rose tattoo and her name inked on his shoulder. The rock icon also sports tattoos of a Chinese dragon head and a hooded vampire skull on each side of his chest, happy faces on both knees, and full arm sleeve tattoos.

Similar to other stars that have tattoos, such as Kelly Osbourne Tattoos or Travis Barker Tattoos, Ozzy Osbourne has made headlines several times as he has added a new tattoo to his collection. He is one of the hottest tattooed celebrities and famous people with tattoos.
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The rocker spells out his name with the letters O-Z-Z-Y on the knuckles of his left hand.
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He has a dagger with the word "Mom" on a small banner inked on his forearm.
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Chinese Dragon Head

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Ozzy has a large blue Chinese dragon head with flames on his right chest area.
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Hooded Vampire Skull

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The rocker sports a tattoo of a hooded vampire skull with a crack in the middle of its head on his left chest.
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