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'Pacific Rim' Fan Theories That Might Reopen The Breach

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Looking for the best Pacific Rim fan theories the Internet has to offer? Then you're in the right place. With a complex mythology, epic fight scenes, a whole lot of robot/monster names to keep track of, and a few twists that change the narrative, the Pacific Rim films give viewers plenty of things to critique and discuss. But along with that, dedicated Pacific Rim fans have conjured up some incredible fan theories that expand the universe even further. Have you ever wondered if there's a bigger message hidden beneath the surface of Pacific Rim, perhaps having to do with climate change? Are you looking for an explanation as to why Gipsy Danger doesn't use the over-powered sword until the final fight scene (we've got a couple of those)? Is it possible that Newt might actually be the baby daddy of the most recent Kaiju spawn?

If you're ready to throw down like a Jaeger, check out these amazing Pacific Rim fan theories. Be sure to vote up your favorite theories and check back to see if they make their way to the top of the list.

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    The Kaiju Weren't Designed To Withstand Melee Combat

    Photo: Pacific Rim / Warner Bros. Pictures

    Every enemy has an Achilles heel. For the Kaiju, that heel is actually a firm kick to the sternum. As Pacific Rim theorist Redditor /u/coochiesmoocher lays out, the one thing these monsters aren't prepared for is hand-to-hand combat. It stands to reason that they have conquered many worlds, and in nearly every case they have been met with high-velocity firepower-- bullets, rockets, nukes, etc. The Kaiju's armor is built to withstand such attacks, but not the blunt force of a Jaeger smash. That's why our terrestrial heroes are able to defeat the Kaiju. They do it the old fashion way.

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      Why The Jaegers Don't Use The Sword More

      Photo: Pacific Rim / Warner Bros. Pictures

      Whether you're a big fan or a hater of Pacific Rim, one of the most talked-about elements of the universe is the sword. When it's used in the first film it seems pretty OP, so why don't they use it more? Redditor /u/yuloforce has a few points to explain this quandary. For one, the sword is a new-ish addition to Gipsy Danger, so Raleigh might not know how to use it, or even know that it's there, for that matter. Secondly, they only needed to use it against Otachi, the Kaiju they needed to stop the most, and who happened to have thinner armor because it could fly. And lastly, since the Kaiju's blood is incredibly toxic, using the sword often would create an incredibly dangerous biohazard for the land and waterways in the area.

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        Why The Government Built A Kaiju Wall

        Photo: Pacific Rim / Warner Bros. Pictures

        Both in reality and in fiction, walls don't really work. This is certainly true in Pacific Rim, where the Kaiju can penetrate the massive barrier with relative ease, leaving the real work for the Jaegers. So why build one at all? In a conversation sparked by Redditor /u/risto1116, one theory rose to the top: The wall is merely an economic and political buoy for a region that's been ravaged by the effects of their alien invaders. The government knows the wall won't work, but it provides thousands of jobs in engineering, construction, logistics, public relations, etc. The wall is nothing more than something to keep peoples' hands busy and bank accounts full.

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          Pacific Rim Is Del Toro's Revenge Film

          Photo: Pacific Rim: Uprising / Universal Pictures

          The writer and director of Pacific Rim, Guillermo Del Toro, has no shortage of huge blockbuster titles to his credits, but that doesn't mean he still can't get a little salty when passed up for a project. As theorized by Redditor /u/chavit_simpson, that's exactly why and how Pacific Rim came to be. To site a few examples:

          “You didn’t hire me to make Avengers, so here’s a portal between worlds!"

          “You didn’t hire me to make Godzilla, so here are giant beasts laying waste to a city!"

          “You didn’t hire me to make Battleship... here’s a horde of monsters coming from the bottom of the sea!"

          If getting even is the best revenge, then this theory proves that Guillermo got his.

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