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Greg Hahn
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Some of the greatest cartoons of all time came out of the '90s, but others didn't quite make it beyond the "funky-fresh" decade. There are plenty of '90s cartoons you probably remember only vaguely, but that were perfectly representative of that totally tubular decade.

Virtually anything that was popular - from child actors to star athletes to boy bands and even rappers - enjoyed a brief run as a cartoon in the 1990s. Whether it was as a result of the hairstyles, the clothing, the bright colors, the low-budget effects, or the dated references, the animated series listed below are too painfully archaic to have survived through the millennium. Either way, they should be a nostalgia-shock to your system.

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This list just wouldn't be complete without Captain Planet and his sweet, sweet mullet. And what's more '90s than actually caring about the environment instead of denying there's anything wrong until we're all up to our ankles in salt water?

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There's no denying that two of the most popular cartoons of the '90s were Tiny Toon Adventures and The Animaniacs, but combining characters from both proved an exercise in disaster. Some dimwit executive made the call to add Elmyra to the rodent duo's tried-and-true formula. In one fell swoop, Warner Bros. managed to irreparably damage the legacy of two of its most beloved cartoon properties. Heck, Brain even said, "I deeply resent this."
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Mighty Ducks

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The Mighty Ducks was arguably the most popular live-action children's movie series of the 1990s. It was so popular, in fact, that it spawned an NHL team of the same name in 1993. Not to be outdone by its movie predecessor, the hockey team's logo was so hardcore, it inspired an a cartoon series all its own - Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series.

The show, which aired from '96-'97, had nothing to do with Coach Bombay, Charlie Conway, or any of the lovable misfits from the movies. instead, it followed a badass team of alien ducks who were embroiled in a bitter war with a reptilian race called the Saurians. Oh, and they played hockey too.
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Even before Space Jam, the Looney Tunes returned in a big way in the '90s, appearing on every type of clothing imaginable, usually with their arms crossed while dressed in over-sized, baggy, sometimes-backwards clothing. The character with the biggest resurgence of all had to be the Tasmanian Devil. Taz showed up in everything - from t-shirts, to window decals, to mudflaps on 18-wheelers, but the real highlight of his return came in the form of his very own animated series, Taz-Mania.

From 1991 to 1995, the sitcom-inspired Taz-Mania followed the ill-tempered Taz, and his loving nuclear family (doting mom Jean, Bing Crosby-inspired dad Hugh, contentious teenage sister Molly, and lovable scamp little brother Jake).

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