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The Best Paleo Diet Foods

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This list of Paleolithic diet approved foods is a look at the variety of foods available when adhering to the Paleo diet. These foods are perfect for caveman Paleolithic diet recipes and should give you an idea of what you can eat on a Paleo diet plan. Similar in ways to being a Pescatarian, the Paleo diet menu consists of meals of fish, meat, nuts, roots, vegetables, and fruits. The diet plan avoids dairy, salt, refined sugar, legumes, and grains. This special diet is based on the supposed ancestral diet dating back to the Paleolithic era.

Proponents of this diet argue that those who follow it are largely disease free. However, criticism of this diet label it as one of many fad diets and even call it extreme in its logic. However, if you want to experience how life could've been like for a hunter-gatherer (at least in culinary terms), you may want to try this diet--even if it's just for a week or two.

What foods can I eat on the Paleo diet? What do people on the Paleolithic diet eat? What are the Paleo food choices? This list of Paleo food items will show you what options are available when you choose to lose weight with the Paleo diet. Make sure to vote up your favorite Paleolithic food items so others embarking on the Paleolithic diet will know what the best foods are.