The Greatest Pantone Colors of the Year

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Ah, the Pantone Color of the Year. Since 2000, Pantone, a worldwide authority on color, has announced what they believe is going to be "the next big color trend" for the upcoming year. The announcement is usually followed up by a lot of people complaining about how icky it is, bloggers claiming they've been wearing it for years, and many others shrugging their shoulders and asking, "What are Pantone colors?" and also, "Who cares?" The answer to that last question, it turns out, is: lots of people. 
Pantone's colors of the year usually predict the palette for fashion, home decor, and graphic design trends throughout the subsequent year. Even if you have never heard of the Pantone color chart or don't pay particularly close attention to color trends, odds are that this announcement has in some way affected goods that you have purchased. For those of us who do care, here's a fun exercise: check out this complete list of all Pantone colors of the year and rank which colour speaks to you the most! 
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  • Aqua Sky
    112 votes
  • Emerald
    113 votes
  • Rose Quartz
    102 votes

    Rose Quartz

    2016 Co-Color of the Year with Serenity
  • Blue Iris
    96 votes

    Blue Iris

  • Serenity
    87 votes


    2016 Co-Color of the Year with Rose Quartz