The Best Characters On 'Halo'

If you love the 2022 Paramount+ science-fiction video game adaptation of Halo, then cast your votes in for the best Halo characters. The awe-inspiring Halo cast features popular actors, like Pablo Schreiber, Natascha McElhone Bokeem Woodbine, and Shabana Azmi, as well as newcomers, like Yerin Ha, Kate Kennedy, and Natasha Culzac. Which cast members do you think best represented the heroes who fought alongside Master Chief, the Spartans, and the rest of the UNSC?  

Vote up your favorite characters on Paramount+'s Halo, and vote down the ones seeking to destroy the UNSC and cause chaos to the galaxy.


  • Master Chief
    Photo: Halo / Paramount+
    8 votes

    Master Chief

    Species: Spartan

    Affiliation: UNSC, Spartan Super Soldiers

    I don't think the situation was different. I think… I am… different. I feel connected to something. I don’t know what it is or why it chose me. But I know it’s out there. I can feel it. 

    Played By: Pablo Schreiber

  • Soren-066
    Photo: Halo / Paramount+
    9 votes


    Species: Human

    Affiliation: Privateer

    Here it is. Home to every misfit, reprobate, outlaw, and renegade in the galaxy. No law. No police. No government. No responsibility. It's everything we always talked about, man. Absolute freedom, just like I always promised.

    Played By: Bokeem Woodbine

  • Kai-125
    Photo: Halo / Paramount+
    3 votes


    Species: Spartan

    Affiliation: UNSC, Spartan Super Soldiers

    Hunches win battles. From the age of 6 I've studied military strategy, from Sun Tzu to Preston Cole. Riz speaks the languages and dialects of every colonized planet. Vannak's battlefield discoveries on the physics of plasma swords helped the Marines develop stronger shielded vests. You see us as machines. But if you really want to understand how we work you're going to have to dig a little deeper. 

    Played By: Kate Kennedy

  • Cortana
    Photo: Halo / Paramount+
    3 votes


    Species: Artificial Intelligence

    Affiliation: Asymmetric Warfare Research Group

    Chief, whatever you think you're looking for, I can help. I'm here to solve problems. That is my only purpose… what do I do now?

    Played By: Jennifer Taylor

  • Dr. Miranda Keyes
    Photo: Halo / Paramount+
    4 votes

    Dr. Miranda Keyes

    Species: Human

    Affiliation: UNSC

    I spend my time trying to understand the aliens that attacked your outpost. Yours isn't the first planet to face the Covenant, and, unfortunately, it won't be the last. If we don't all join together… I don't know how we're going to stop them.

    Played By: Olive Gray

  • Kwan Ha
    Photo: Halo / Paramount+
    10 votes

    Kwan Ha

    Species: Human

    Affiliation: Rebellion

    I'm sorry you lost your planet, but Madrigal still has a chance. If I don't try, I couldn't live with myself. I'm going to fight. 

    Played By: Yerin Ha