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People Describe Their Paranormal Experiences Involving Animals  

Sarah Blumert
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Animals can make some of the best friends a human could ask for. Who doesn’t look back fondly on their childhood pet and wish they were still around? In some cases, those furry friends from days gone by have actually returned in mysterious ways. On other occasions, outdoor critters appear as shadow animals, and paranormal dogs and cats pay visits to people they never even knew in life.

These animal ghost stories, shared by the good people of Reddit, will send a shiver down your spine -- but deep down, you'll probably start wishing you could encounter a ghostly animal pal at least once in your life.

Feathered Harbingers

From Redditor /u/LindseyLee:

When my grandfather passed... we sat on his front porch later that night, and three great horned owls flew over our heads. My mom busted up crying, saying that when her sister [passed], a great horned owl flew over like that, and when my grandmother passed... two owls flew over.

I’m very curious if when my mother [passes] the same will happen for me.

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Lingering Corgi

From Redditor /u/dangshescary:

My grandma had a Welsh Corgi who lived to be 19. The week after they put him down, the next-door neighbor came over and was surprised that the dog, who was very protective, didn't bark when he knocked on the door.

My grandpa told him that they had put the dog to sleep a week ago. The neighbor got really serious and said, "No way. I've seen him every day standing under the big tree in your front yard." We took this as a sign that he was still near us.

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Answer From Beyond

From Redditor /u/LadyShinob:

When I was 13, one of my best friends was hit by a car and [perished] instantly. I was a wreck and was grappling with the meaning of life and why the Creator, if they did exist, would take away someone so young. I searched online for any answers and came across a suggestion to write the deceased a letter and burn it. In my letter, I asked for a sign to let me know if she was okay. Almost immediately after the paper finished burning, I heard a blood-curdling cry outside from what sounded like a young girl. It was late at night, but much to my surprise, none of the other neighbors had awoken to the sound or turned their lights on.

My brother heard it too and opened the front door. He told me he saw a large black figure, like a huge bear, bolt across our front yard. It scared [him] so badly that he frantically shut the door. This was in the suburbs far from any large creature, so it never made sense. I feel like I got an answer, but it wasn’t the one I was hoping for.

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Guardian Stag

From Redditor /u/_sparrow:

I used to live up in New Hampshire and for a brief period of time was having semi-frequent encounters with shadow people. At the time, I had a job where I wouldn’t leave work until about 1am, and I lived in a densely wooded area. For a while it was bad enough that when I’d get home at night, I’d be scared to get out of my car and walk to my front door.

Then one night, I was driving home, and as I came around a big bend, I looked up and at the edge of the tree line, looking right down at me, was a giant silver stag. When I say silver, I truly mean it - not gray, not white - and it even shimmered ever so slightly. He was massive and beautiful, and I immediately felt very calm and safe. I closed my eyes for a split second because I knew what I was looking at couldn’t be real, and when I looked back, he was gone.

I never saw another shadow person after seeing the silver stag and feeling that calmness come over me. Sometimes I wonder if he was some sort of guardian.

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