14 Eerie Encounters That Had Reddit Users Questioning Their Reality

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Eerie encounters that are beyond logic.

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    "You Opened The Door For Me And Walked Upstairs."

    This story has been edited for clarity and length.

    From Redditor u/PossiblyUnhinged:

    I live with my wife. It’s about 10:00 pm and I was taking the trash to the dumpster in the alley behind my complex. The complex had only 6 two story apartments, the front door of each facing south.

    We lived in #5, and if you were to walk outside, once you open the door, there’s a little raised landing where you’d put a welcome mat. Step off the landing and you’re on a walkway, and you have to go left or right because there’s a very tall wooden fence separating the complex from the large house next door. Turn left, go through a rod iron gate and the dumpster is right there. It’s a very short distance from my door to the dumpster and, once there, you can see down the entire length of the walkway. The entire area is well lit, so it was easy to see my wife open the gate and head up the walkway towards our apartment.

    I waved at her and had no idea how she didn’t see me. I almost yelled but didn’t want to scare her or startle the neighbors, so I just started walking the short distance between us. As I walked up, I saw the door to our apartment open. Of course I figured she opened it but it was dark so I didn’t actually see her do it. Then she kind of leaned in and I could hear her calling my name, but she would not walk in to the apartment.

    When I got behind her and said hi, she became frantic, asking me "Wow the f*** did you do that, how did you get back outside?!?" I explained I’d been at the dumpster emptying the trash, to which she interrupted me said, “No, you opened the door for me and walked upstairs. I called after you and you turned your head and looked at me but didn't say anything and just kept walking." And then she started crying. I searched the apartment, found nothing. We moved about 6 months later to the house we’re at now. One day shortly after we moved in, my wife thought she saw me walk past the windows that look into the back yard from the kitchen, but it wasn’t, and again she said it looked just like me, and that it walked all the way around the house before disappearing, and then she realized I was in the bedroom.

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    "Mom?? Are You Home Already?"

    From Redditor u/oh_posterity:

    My childhood friend was about 15 and home alone over a long weekend while his parents were traveling. But on Saturday night, around 7-8 PM, he was in his bedroom upstairs when he suddenly heard his mom call up the stairs to come get dinner. He popped his head out of his room, confused as f***, but no one was there. So he called back down, “Mom?? Are you home already?” There was a long beat but then after a few seconds, his mom walked slowly around the corner — coming from where the kitchen was — and looked straight up at him from the bottom of the steps. She just smiled, and then walked right back into the kitchen. My friend was frozen in place for a moment but then, again, he heard her call him to come get dinner.

    He said the only reason he didn’t just walk down those stairs to see wtf was going on and why she was home so early, was because he thought it was strange that she didn’t talk or utter a single word when she appeared. Like, why did she just smile at him and then walk away? That just didn’t sit right, the fact he never saw her open her mouth. He could hear her, and he could see her, both plain as day. But never at the same time. And that smallest of details is why he chose instead to slam his door shut, lock it, and call his mom. She answered immediately and was still several states over, hundreds of miles away. They ended up calling the police for fear of an intruder or something, but they never found anyone in the house. It was all locked up with the security system on and everything. He did not sleep there alone anymore after that.

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    "I Can Still See 'It'...""

    From Redditor u/sadshire:

    I was getting ready for bed in the bathroom, I had the door open as I was talking to my husband who was sitting on the bed. I was having a whole conversation with him, I even looked at him a couple times then he stopped answering me so I repeated myself and he answered but was in the living room. Now the living room was past the bathroom and I never saw him walk by and there was no way I would've missed it. He comes into the bathroom and was like "were you talking to me?" And I said yes. He said "oh I didn't hear you I was in the living room." So I asked how long he was in there and he said for a long time but he was gonna get ready for bed. I asked if he was ever in the bedroom in the last like 10 minutes and he said no, he's been in the living room the whole time. He swears he wasn't ever in the bedroom... So idk who tf I was seeing and talking to but it terrified us both. Ugh gives me shivers I can still see "it" just sitting up on the bed

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    "I Felt The Mattress Beside Me Slowly Shift."

    From Redditor u/ThatsMyOnionJerk:

    This happened to me when I was 6. I was in my bed sound asleep when I felt the mattress beside me slowly shift as if someone was laying beside me. I opened my eyes and there was a full grown adult woman beside me.

    She wasn't particularly scary, just normal looking but she was a strange person in my bed. Of course I opened my mouth to scream but before I did she put her finger to her lips as if to tell me to be quiet. Her eyes looked very frightened and she seemed to be silently pleading for me to keep quiet.

    Of course I screamed my guts out and I heard my parents getting up out of their bed. The strange woman just looked very sad, her eyes were full of tears. Dad turned my bedroom light on and as soon as he did she just wasn't there anymore. No sign of her at all. I slept in my parents room that night. I was very scared but even more so I had a deep feeling of sadness.

    That was decades ago and I still remember it clearly.

    I've had a few run ins like that, different people though, never that same woman.

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    "Opened The Door, No One There."

    From Redditor u/zushiba:

    When I was in high school I worked as a courtesy clerk at Albertsons. People were always telling me that they saw me somewhere in town when I wasn’t there.

    One day when I got out of class at the end of school, I had to go straight to work. I wouldn’t get home until just after 9:00 that night.

    So I walked in just after 9:00 and said “Hi people” to my mom and my sisters. And they all looked confused. My mom asked me where I was coming from. I said I had been at work. My mom and my older sister both said, no you haven’t. You came in hours ago said “Hi people” and went upstairs.

    I said, no I didn’t I hadn’t been home since I left at 7:00 this morning.

    So we all 4 went upstairs to my room to see who came home. My door was closed. I usually leave it open.

    The light was on and the TV was on. Opened the door, no one there.

    But wait. It gets weirder.

    In high school we had a secondary school called the Skill Center. It was a place that had a collection of vocational classes you could take. For instance I took TV Broadcasting, web design and Forestry.

    One day I was waiting for the bus to leave the Skill Center after my Broadcasting class and a teacher I never met ran up to me and said “Zushiba! You need to come back to class” I had never been in her class. But apparently I had been missing for the last few seasons.

    I tried to explain I wasn’t in her class, but she did seem to know who I was. So she took me to the office. Thinking I was ditching. We go in and I tell the office clerk my name and she looks me up, sure enough there I am in Broadcasting just like I said… but there I am, under my step dads last name in her class.

    I went by both names, it was a bit confusing but both names were relatively unique. So it’s not like there would have been a random person that looks just like me in her class. It’s just extremely unlikely. “I” had been in her class for the entire semester until I mysteriously stopped showing up. I had turned in work and everything. Even had my god d*** signature on it!

    One day this doppelgänger simply stopped showing up. No one ever saw him again.

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    "The Man Continued His Scream..."

    From Redditor u/ThatsMyOnionJerk:

    One time when I was about 14 I was staying at my friends house. He had bunk beds and I called the top. We went to sleep like normal but in my dream I saw a hooded man standing in the doorway. He walked in and stood staring at the both of us in our beds.

    When he looked at me I felt ice cold and sick to my stomach. There was an overwhelmimg sense of dread running through me. I didnt want to draw attention to myself by calling for help so I stayed dead quiet.

    The hooded man came closer and leaned down toward my friend in the bottom bunk. I was scared for my friend but relieved that its attention wasnt on me. I remember feeling ashamed of my cowardice.

    There was an ungodly noise coming from the hooded figure. A low, deep rumbling that grew louder and louder until it hurt my ears. I remember hoping that it would wake my friends parents but at the same time felt that we were trapped and alone in here.

    The man continued his scream/rumble until a never ending swarm of insects started flying out of his hood. They were flying all around the room. I remember them buzzing my face but I was too afraid to move to swat them away. The bugs kept flying out and soon the room was filled with them.

    I dont remember what happened next but I must have passed out.

    The next day we were talking about how we slept and my friends dad asked if we had a good sleep. I replied that I had a nightmare and it scared the hell out of me. My friend spoke up and see he had a nightmare as well.

    This is where it gets weirder.

    My friend said that he dreamed that he had thousands of bugs crawling all over him. I explained my nightmare and it creeped us both the hell out. Luckily they moved house not long after because there was no way in hell that I was ever going to sleep in that house again!