Graveyard Shift People Describe Unexplainable Paranormal Events They Experienced As Children  

Mick Jacobs
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Childhood, the formative years of a person's life, is also a time where some believe you possess a better connection to the supernatural.

A sensitivity towards the supernatural makes even more sense when you realize how many people remember unexplainable paranormal events from their childhoods. In this Reddit thread, people recalled dozens of baffling mysteries and creepy ghost stories from when they were kids.

Even in adulthood, a particularly creepy experience as a child can still bring goosebumps to your skin. Quite a few of these preternatural stories speak of entities that haunted children, further suggesting children carry a link between this world and another.

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Ghosts In The Bedroom

From Redditor/u/Pollyanna584:

So I'll start of by saying that I don't believe in ghosts. Also, the house this happened in was over 100 years old.

When I was 15, my family and I went on vacation for three weeks. Like always, before we left, my dad went from room to room to make sure everything was turned off and anything with a power saver mode was unplugged.

So we went and had a great time and flew back home. As we are taking the turn to get on my street (my house was on the corner) I look up to my room's window which was on the side of the house.

I saw a little girl standing in my window staring at me. I flipped out. I couldn't handle it. I was trying to convince myself that it was a reflection or something but I really did see a girl up there.

When we got to my room, the TV was turned on to a blue screen. Nothing else in the house was on. I turned the TV off and back on and it was just a regular channel.

I refused to sleep in my room that night.

The next day my mom remembered that our old neighbor used to live in this house when he was younger, so she called him. His wife answered and we got some tragic news, he had passed away that week. My mom told her this story and was told that he had a sister.

Who passed away.

When she was nine.

In my room.

I didn't sleep in there for months.

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The Strange Carcass Of An Elk

From Redditor/u/intensenerd:

My dad and I were hunting in the mountains north of Idaho City. It was about twilight and we were hiking back to the car when we began to smell something terrible. It smelled like burning bone and hair, the worst stench I've ever experienced. The smell got worse as we kept hiking. We could hear what we thought was someone or something running at a great rate of speed from behind us. My dad grabbed me and held my face to his chest and dropped to the ground. I held close to him as the running got louder. Dad readied his rifle. I heard him say 'Oh no. Son, stand up. Walk with me. Look at the ground.' Terrified I stood. Stupid me turned around and looked.

There was the remains of an elk. The head looked like it had been put in a blast furnace. The hair on the body was all singed and the hooves looked melted. The running was gone. We moved closer to the car. It was now nearly dark. About 100 yards from the car, we heard the running again and we froze. All of a sudden the forest lit up like noon day. We heard a very loud whoosh, and then it was silent.

The forest was dark and quiet. Dead still. We booked it to the car, threw our gear in the backseat, and drove. I kept my head down and just cried. Dad was stoic and silent. Halfway out of the woods, we saw the light again. Bright as ever but just for a second. Made it back to Idaho City and stopped at the Gold Mine Grill to regroup. We went inside and there was another hunter in there. He looked at us and said, 'Y'all see that sh*t?'"

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A Twisted Sister

From Redditor/u/sleep_always_party_n_:

When we were younger, my sister used to say that she could hear and talk to ghosts in our house, and it always gave me chills. One night she got scared and insisted she slept in my room, and she set herself to sleep on the floor next to my bed. After a couple of hours of not being able to fall asleep with her there, heard her restlessly moving and starting to talk.

I heard her say 'No I can't, she's my sister.' Peeked over the side of the bed and saw her face looking my way, screwed up and dark and demonic. Didn't sleep much that night.

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The House On Alder

From Redditor/u/chicityshuffle:

When I was in high school, I lived in the basement of my family's house by myself. When we moved into the house, the basement was unfinished and had a painted outline of a body on the cement floor. The family claimed it was from a Halloween party. The basement also had a creepy f*cking crawl space which always freaked me out when I was by it.

My dad, who is a carpenter, finished the basement and built me a room downstairs. Although I was creeped out by the crawl space, I agreed to move downstairs for more privacy. My closet was built right by the crawl space and would be open just a few inches every time I'd come back into my room. I would always shut the closet door all the way.

One time, I noticed the door open when I was in bed. I got up to shut the door. Turned back to my bed and found the closet open again. At that point I threw my closet door open and decided I'd never shut it again. Nothing happened for a while after that.

Some time later, I was getting home from school and walked down to my room. We also had a living room in the basement and my sister had a particular spot on the couch where she often read. I saw someone sitting in her spot out of the corner of my eye and assumed it was my sister. I said 'Hey sis' and walked into my bedroom to hear no response. I walked back out to see no one there. I walked up to my sister's room and went to turn the door knob, but it was locked. We had a rule that we were not supposed to lock out doors, and my sister's door would often lock on its own. My parents would get mad at her and she would always claim that she never locked it.

I knocked on the door and when my sister answered, I asked why she didn't respond when I said 'hi' to her on the couch. She said she had been in her room since she got home from school and hadn't been in the basement at all.

After a few years, my family moved out of the state. One of my friends from my old high school asked me to go to homecoming with her so I traveled back for that. While at an after party, I saw a kid from my old neighborhood. He asked me if I used to live on the house on Alder. I told him I had. He then asked if anyone ever saw any ghosts in the house. I was freaked out and told him I had and asked him how he knew. He told me his best friend lived in that house before me and she saw her too. In the crawl space.

After I drove back to my new house, I told my parents about what the kid had told me. My mom finally decided to tell us that a woman died in my sister's room before we moved in and they didn't want us to be freaked out so they didn't.

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