Graveyard Shift

7 Eerie Paranormal Happenings in Old Mental Institutions

Crazy stuff happens every day in mental asylums, as these employees can attest. Take it from former inmates: living in a mental institution can be hard and often scary. Not that long ago - before the modern renaissance of psychological research - mental institutions weren't only scary, they were dangerous. At those abandoned asylums terrible things used to happen to patients. Maybe that's why some of them never left - even after death. 

While films like House on Haunted Hill and Grave Encounters provided fictional glimpses into this prospect, the reality is just as bone-chilling. Not only is the sight of these abandoned buildings terrifying, the possible spirits inside will also send chills down your spine.

Ghost stories from old mental institutions involve spirits who were never able to escape from their mental torments. Haunted mental asylums and abandoned mental institutions are hotbeds for paranormal spirits. These stories from these haunted mental institutions are sure to scare even the sanest individual. Proceed with caution - this is not for the faint of heart.