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Theories About Why National Parks Are A Hotbed For Disappearances

Updated 29 May 2020 53.7k views12 items

The National Parks and Forests of the United States are beautiful, serene places that showcase the natural beauty of America. But among those vast, wild parks lies a dark, often untold secret: thousands of people have mysteriously gone missing within these areas and no official explanation has ever been given. Even worse, no official count is available, as the National Parks Services can't always keep track of missing persons. So what happened to the people who disappeared in National Parks?


Like any unexplained phenomena, everyone has their theory. The creepy stories from National Parks - though unsolved and mysterious - often still have patterns. Whether rational or paranormal, these spine-chilling stories naturally inspire speculation about urban legends or worse. 


If you do have legitimate information about a missing person, you can report it to NPS Investigative Services, here

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