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15 Hidden Details In 'Parasite' You May Have Missed

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If you've seen the hit film Parasite we want you to vote up the best easter eggs in the movie. Obviously there are spoilers in this list so if you haven't seen it, we do not recommend continuing. Parasite may have shocked some people by winning Best Picture at the Academy Awards, but a prime show business victory is actually the least of its surprises. The following Parasite film details are guaranteed to blow your mind. This is one of those movies that you have to see more than once in order to catch all the secrets hidden in the details.

Bong Joon Ho's film is the story of the Kim family, an impoverished clan whose members all con their way into jobs working for the wealthy Park family. Suddenly, they're flush with cash and enjoying the high life in the beautiful home of their employers. However, neither the Kims nor the Parks are quite what they seem, a fact that comes out in an explosive plot twist around the halfway point. What happens from there works both as an adventure and as a socioeconomic satire.

There are a lot of Parasite easter eggs that tip you off as to what's happening, if you know where to look for them. We know where to look, thanks in part to the eagle-eyed users of Reddit, who have faithfully scoured the movie for them. This list will give you all the details on the crazy clues and referential bits Bong Joon Ho hid inside his masterpiece. 

Check them out, and vote up the Parasite movie insights that you find most intriguing. 


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    Eating For Two

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    A throwaway line of dialogue implies that the housekeeper ate enough for two people. This is a bit of foreshadowing you probably don't even notice when you first hear it. We later find out that she's smuggling food to her husband, who's hidden in a secret space in the basement. 

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    Park Da-song's Drawing

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    Much is made of Park Da-song's drawing abilities in the story. At one point, Mrs. Park shows off a "self-portrait" that the boy has made. It's quite possible, though, that this is not a self-portrait at all, but rather a drawing of the "ghost" (a.k.a. Geun-sae), who he caught a glimpse of sneaking up from the basement. Notice the upward-pointing arrow in the drawing.

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    Crossing The Line

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    Lines are figuratively crossed by various characters throughout Parasite. To illustrate that literally, vertical lines often appear onscreen during these moments. For example, when housekeeper Gook Moon-gwang claps her hands to wake a napping Mrs. Park, the camera is behind a cornered window, the seam of which creates the line she's crossing.

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    Floating Stone

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    The heavy stone plays a significant role in Parasite. At one point, Ki-woo survives being bashed in the head with it. That may seem unlikely until you consider the shot in which the stone floats in sewage water. An ability to float would indicate that it's hollow, and therefore not a real rock. 

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