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14 Teachers Reveal Times The Parent Was Just As Bad As The Student

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Think twice next time you have to call a student's parents out after a kid's bad behavior, because adults can be more even more annoying than their children. In case you need proof, here are some good anecdotes from teachers. Which one do you find the most irritating? 

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    Smile For The Camera

    From Redditor u/loveleigh1788:

    Elementary teacher here. We had a student who wouldn't stop [taking] things out of other kids' backpacks. We had caught him on camera and would call the parents and they would just say, "No, that's his *insert [ill-gotten] item*, we just bought it for him." Then, we get him on a positive behavior plan and create intentional lessons about empathy to others, setting goals to get what you want, the difference between wants, needs. etc. Eventually, he gets enough positive days in a row that he gets released from the behavior plan and receives a free bike as his incentive for good behavior (they were donated to the school by a local bike shop). The next day he tells me his uncle stole it and pawned it. He went right back to his old behaviors and it was heartbreaking.

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    Instant Realization

    From Redditor u/differentiatedpans:

    I had a student last year who was new to the school. Really nice, friendly, shy, and hilariously absent-minded. He would come to school at least two days a week with either his shirt on backward, inside out, or both.

    So I wanted to talk to his parents about how his absent-mindedness was affecting his learning. Mom shows up at 5. Dad shows up 1 hour late. We have a good chat and they get up to go. As I'm walking them out I said, "I will show you the shortest way to the parking lot."

    The dad replies with, "I didn't park in the parking lot," so I said, "You can go the same way to the street." He said, "I couldn't find the parking entrance so I just drove around and parked on the asphalt play area." Sure enough, I walk by and his car is next to the playground.

    So it all came together after that.

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    The Start Of A Horror Movie

    From Redditor u/waterholic19:

    I teach elementary music but I also assist in before-school care. There was one boy (third grade) who was sitting at a table with several other students. One girl was attempting to engage with the boy and he abruptly stands up, points at the girl, and screams, “YOU ARE THE DEVIL.” Obviously, at this age, there needs to be intervention because you can’t talk to others in that fashion or with that language. We always try and talk through emotions rather than [fly off the handle].

    Call the mom and explain the situation. The mom's first and only response is, “Well if he called her the devil, she probably is the devil.”

    Pretty clearly can tell where that behavior comes from.

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    It's All About The Pens

    From Redditor u/6roumyeskl:

    Middle school teacher. Students had attended a trampoline park as a field trip to award good attendance. While there, one student had [swiped] a rubber bracelet. Not a big deal, but still stole it, nonetheless, so the principal contacted the father.

    The father called back and left a voicemail basically accusing the principal and the rest of the staff of thievery, as well saying, “How many pens do you walk out of that school with? How many pens purchases by the school do you walk out with every day? My tax money!”

    (Anyone who is a teacher sees how funny this is because, of course, we’re providing our own pens!)

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