14 Teachers Reveal Times The Parent Was Just As Bad As The Student

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Think twice next time you have to call a student's parents out after a kid's bad behavior, because adults can be more even more annoying than their children. In case you need proof, here are some good anecdotes from teachers. Which one do you find the most irritating? 

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    A Series of Unfortunate Events

    From Redditor u/homerbartbob:


    Let’s call this student Amy. Kinda quiet. Kind of quirky. Enter: Mom.

    1. Hit a teacher with her car. The youngest daughter darted out in front of the car to get on the other side (against protocol). Supervising teacher literally jumps into action and puts a hand out yelling, “Stop!” Car hits hand. The driver drives away. A hospital visit was required and the police called.

    2. The parent signs up to read to the class. She chooses a book called That’s Disgusting. Pretty run-of-the-mill call-and-answer stuff. Pick your nose? THAT'S DISGUSTING! Forget to wash your hands? THAT'S DISGUSTING? Until she got to... put your finger in the cats behind? THAT'S... pardon? That’s not a thing. Please stop introducing the idea to these 8-year-olds that putting your finger in [a] cat's behind is a thing.

    3. Amy’s mom wants to check in on Amy, so she peeks through the hallway window during class. A student raises his hand. Amy’s mom is staring at us. I turn to look. Mom ducks. I walk to the hallway door and open it. Mom remains ducked. We have a two-minute conversation with Mom ducked on the ground of when it is appropriate for parents to be on campus.

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    Like Mother, Like Child

    From Redditor u/OhioMegi:

    The mother was screaming in the office, “I’m gonna hit you in your f*cking face” because a tutor dared to say the kid was having behavior issues during free tutoring.
    Now I know why the five of your 11 kids in our school are terrible hot messes. Poor things don’t have much of a chance.

    Mom was banned from the building because this was the last straw.

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    Call The Police!

    From Redditor u/SpankBankManager:

    I had these two teenage girls in my class who were best friends, but they started acting really strange around each other. A couple of days into this weird behavior I heard a loud commotion outside my classroom. Both of the girls’ fathers were having a fist fight right outside my room, and the girls were screaming like banshees. I found out later that one of the girl’s dads had been [having relations with] the friend and she spilled the beans.

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    'Je De Floop Flee,' Joey.

    From Redditor u/SouthernGirl2016:

    I was a French teacher. The kid was in Level 1 French. Clearly, he put his assignment through a translator. I confronted him, he admitted it, so I gave him a 0 F. His family lost their minds. They claimed I was calling him dumb. Long story short... the principal let him redo the assignment.

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    Smile For The Camera

    From Redditor u/loveleigh1788:

    Elementary teacher here. We had a student who wouldn't stop [taking] things out of other kids' backpacks. We had caught him on camera and would call the parents and they would just say, "No, that's his *insert [ill-gotten] item*, we just bought it for him." Then, we get him on a positive behavior plan and create intentional lessons about empathy to others, setting goals to get what you want, the difference between wants, needs. etc. Eventually, he gets enough positive days in a row that he gets released from the behavior plan and receives a free bike as his incentive for good behavior (they were donated to the school by a local bike shop). The next day he tells me his uncle stole it and pawned it. He went right back to his old behaviors and it was heartbreaking.

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    Fight Club Much?

    From Redditor u/Swedette17:

    I had a student many years ago, call him M. He was a sweetheart in the classroom, never answered back, did as he was told, engaged and interesting. But outside of class, he wasn't allowed to be around other students, escorted class to class, because he would start a fight EVERY time, and I mean that. I could not wrap my head around it, until Parents Evening. His dad was a hulk of a man, mother was sadly deceased... He kept his hand on the back of M's neck, leading him around like that. M looked like he was going to his own execution. Was told later that authorities were involved, but M lashes out all the time because it was the only time he felt he had some control. Would never talk back to an adult because he was just sh*t scared of us all. He didn't make it the year before he disappeared, but I still think about him.

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