Superheroes You Can Take Home to Mom and Dad

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Which superhero would your parents be the happiest to see you date?
Which superhero would you bring home to impress your parents? Do DC heroes or Marvel heroes make better girlfriends and boyfriends? We've all fantasized (right?) about bringing our favorite comic book characters home to meet the parental units and play with the dog before they whisk us away to their secret headquarters. The problem is, even some of our favorite characters aren't the type we'd like to meet our mothers. Sure, Deadpool is hilariously crude and a total badass, but would your father approve of you dating him, young lady? 
Vote up the characters you'd be most likely to bring home to Mom and Pop, and add your own favorites as well. Would your mother be more impressed by Batman's suave broodiness, or Spider-Man's beta-dude charm? Vote based on which hero would get your parents' seal of approval, and add any comics heroes you think would make a good impression!
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