These Side-By-Side Photos Of Parents And Their Kids At The Same Age Will Make You Do A Double Take

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They say the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, and the adage certainly holds true regarding these parents and kids who look identical. Often, a baby is born resembling both its mother and father, but sometimes, if you look at side-by-side photos of parents and kids at the same age, it's almost as if you're seeing a set of twins.

This phenomena has been known to occur in celebrity families, but this genetic anomaly affects regular offspring as well. Read on to see for yourself, and then wonder if any time travel was involved in the creation of these photos of parents and children at the same age.

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    Father And Son Hide Hands, Can't Hide That They're Identical

    Photo: u/boom1397 / Reddit
    Is the resemblance uncanny?
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    Mother And Daughter Strike Same Pose

    Photo: u/JoslynTheVapeGod / Reddit
    Is the resemblance uncanny?
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    Two-Year-Old Could Be Grandmother Clone

    Photo: u/CurtisMark / Reddit
    Is the resemblance uncanny?
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    Woman Gets Haircut, Becomes Daughter

    Photo: u/shaylybri / Reddit
    Is the resemblance uncanny?