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12 Children's Movies Where Parents Lived Through A Nightmare While Their Kids Had An Adventure

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Watching movies as a kid, it seems natural for children to be the stars of the show. However, rewatching these films as an adult begs the question of why the parents in these movies weren't present or why they would approve of their children setting out on dangerous missions. In real life, your parents never would've let you get away with these wild adventures!

Some movie parents are irresponsible, while others are completely oblivious to the situation. In some cases, the parents aren't even shown in the film! In a kid's eyes, children really do rule the world and can make their own decisions, which is a bit risky to endorse considering how frantic their parents must be. For many adventurous children's films, the kids get to run off and have an exciting adventure while the parents are left behind with the nightmare of losing their kids.