"Good" Parents From Kids' Movies Who Don't Deserve To Keep Their Children

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As there are obviously terrible parents in real life, it makes sense that there are bad parents in tv and movies as well. More problematic, however, is when horrible movie parents aren't actually painted as such, but their actions and negligent behavior tell a very different story. Not only are the eldest McCallister kids from Home Alone terrible and annoying, but their parents actually abandon their child multiple times. One would hope after leaving your eight-year-old on a different continent once, you might be extra vigilant and less likely to do it all over again.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of parents in kids movies who suck – just straight up terrible parents – and they're not even presented as such. The McCallisters probably aren't even the worst mom and dad in movies either. At least they didn't intentionally split up their children like the monsters from The Parent Trap – they deserved to be conned by their kids.

For whatever reason, there is a whole lot of questionable parenting going on in Hollywood, and social services appear to be dropping the ball all over the place by not intervening. Here are some of the worst parents from kids movies who are supposedly doing a fine job.


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    Peter And Kate McCallister From Home Alone

    The McCallisters were very upset about accidentally leaving their eight-year-old son home alone when they went to Paris, but that doesn't change the fact they LEFT THEIR EIGHT-YEAR-OLD SON HOME ALONE AND WENT TO PARIS! How can two people get on an airplane without realizing their youngest child is not with them?

    It'd be one thing if they accidentally left Buzz; he was a high schooler, so they didn't really need to keep tabs on him – but their eight-year-old? That's preposterous! And the dad's even worse because, while Kate realizes it mid-flight, he's so negligent that he actually needed to be told that his kid was missing. Sure enough, two years later, they did it again! Kevin really needed to be taken into protective custody.

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    Nick Parker And Elizabeth James From The Parent Trap

    This one's pretty straightforward: you don't split up your twins just because you each want one. Kids aren't Kit Kats! It's pretty insane that two adults thought this was a reasonable idea, and they're both super successful people who could have afforded some kind of lifestyle that allowed the kids to grow up near each other.

    Nick could have had a winery in Europe, or Elizabeth could have been a fashion designer in America. On top of that, how does one just decide that they're going to love and care for only one of their two children? Did they play Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide which horrible person got which kid? These people are monsters.

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    Franklin Storm From Fantastic Four

    Franklin Storm, a man who gravely endangers his children. Johnny Storm is a troubled young man who gets into legal trouble because his father clearly favors his sister over him. When the researchers working under Franklin Storm do find the key to inter-dimensional travel, he allows his children to travel to an alternate dimension despite zero qualifications, and as a result, they all become monsters.

    When they come back, he allows the government to experiment on them. He's painted as a good dad, but damn – those kids never had a chance. 

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    The King And Queen In Frozen

    When does royalty ever foster good parenting? Almost never. The king and queen of Arendelle are no exception as they make one of their daughters suppress her magical gifts and they also keep their daughters separated because one accidentally hurt the other once.

    First of all, when you have two kids, they're going to hur each other a lot. Apparently, there are two options at this point: 1. Actually keep tabs on your children and foster a loving relationship between them; or 2. Separate them with no intention of reconciliation, drastically changing their lives forever and causing extreme trauma. Even if you're busy doing king and queen stuff, you can afford a nanny to watch the two kids as they play, ensuring they don't cause each other harm.