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What Parents Of Serial Killers Have Said About Their Offspring

It is difficult to imagine the nightmare parents go through when their child is the victim of a serial killer. The only thing that might be more difficult to imagine is being the parent of the person who claimed that life. There are plenty of serial killers who have become household names - Jeffrey Dahmer, Richard Ramirez, and Ted Bundy, to name just a few. We know their crimes inside and out, and several documentaries have been made that examine every detail of both the killings and the mental states of the killers themselves. And the deeper we look, the more we begin to look at their parents.

Across the board, parents of serial killers have had widely varying reactions to their children's crimes. This list covers parents who have tried to explain or excuse murderous behavior, parents who are in complete denial or believe their child is innocent, and even parents who openly state their child should no longer be allowed to live. This list of serial killer parents includes actual quotes from mothers and fathers, and captures just how far a parent's love for their child can go.