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Parents Of 15 Sets Of Twins Describe Times They Mixed Up Their Own Children

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There's no doubt parents of twins of the opposite gender can always look down the diaper when they want to know who's who. But what happens when you mix up a pair of identical infant twins? Apparently, this happens all the time to parents of identical twins, so don't be too hard on yourself if you've been in this situation! We gathered some of the best stories from parents, twins themselves, and family members who describe mixing twins up and how they now tell them apart, check it out!

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    Tag Them Up

    From Redditor /u/ronvonjones1

    I have twins and used to confuse them all the time. So me and my husband decided to paint one of the girl's toenails, and in our state so sleep-deprived delusion forgot who's toenail we painted. I now kid the girls that they could actually be each other, which causes them great agony now that they are teens.

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    Dad Knows Best?

     From Redditor /u/Ihavenocomments

    I have identical twin sons. When they were first born, one of them had a slightly rounder head. That's it. My wife and I could tell them apart just by looking at their heads. Now, when they would wear little hats... there was no telling them apart. I'm their father, but regardless of what you may have heard about how their mom can always tell them apart... not true! No one could tell them apart when their heads were covered.

    Fast forward to 8 years later. Their faces are the same, and one of them still has a bigger head. But I can tell the difference in their voices, the speech patterns, and their teeth. If they walked into the room and they were both wearing hoodies, but they were completely silent, we still wouldn't be able to tell them apart.

    About mixing them up, there was one time when they were about 4 or 5 that one of them was being a total knucklehead. I walked into the den, picked the offender up and carried him to his room, and sat him on his bed. He sadly looked up at me and said: "Dad, I'm "X", not "Y". Damned if he was right. I'm like, "Beat it, and send the other one in here."

    There have been a few little mixups, but we're pretty good. during BBQs and the like, we'd dress them very differently, and when people arrived, we say "X" is wearing red, and "Y" is wearing blue.

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    The Two, Or Nothing

    From Redditor /u/jungl3j1m

    The problem I have is if I learn to distinguish one twin in terms of the other (as in "one of them had a slightly rounder head"), I can only tell them apart when I see them both--if I see them separately, absent context that would be provided by the other, I'm lost.

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    Grandma’s Tired

    From Redditor /u/buzzoff69

    Not a parent, but I'm an identical twin. My mom told me a story that when we were babies, she put us in the same crib. One night she forgot which of us was which. So she panicked and woke up my grandma (who was staying with us) and asked her if she knew who was who.

    My grandma automatically knew and told my mom. The issue was resolved and they went to bed. The next morning, my mom asked my grandma how she knew. My grandma said "I didn't know. I was too damn tired."

    I could have been switched. But after that, they started painting our toes.

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