Parenting What Did Your Parents Do The First Time They Caught You Smoking Pot?  

Ryleigh Nucilli
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If you smoked pot as a teenager, odds are you have a story about what your parents did the first time they caught you doing it. Did you have the proverbial "cool" parents, the ones whose eyes lit up as they dusted off their own bowls to smoke alongside you? Did you have the scared-straight parents, the kind who thought spiriting you off in the night to a camp that could cure you of your addiction was best method of dealing with your toking? Did one of your parents think handing you off to the other was the move?

While everyone's story about getting caught with weed is intensely personal, there's also a beautiful, shared symmetry to the types of responses parents have to pot. How did your parent or parents respond when they caught you with weed? Vote up the parental responses that match your personal experience.

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They chose to ignore it even though they definitely knew.

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They said they weren't mad, just disappointed.

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They told me I couldn't hang out with certain people anymore because they were "bad influences."

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They acted like it was no big deal and started smoking with me.

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They shared their personal experiences with pot to try to scare me.

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They shared their personal experiences with pot to make sure I did it responsibly.

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They made me flush my stash down the toilet.

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They began subjecting me to random drug testing.

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They took away my entertainment privileges like TV, video games, and internet access.

2 2
They sent me to live with my other parent.

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They called the cops on me.

3 4
They went through my stuff looking for more pot.

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They gave me extra chores as punishment.

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They told me I couldn't go to the significant event I was really looking forward to, like prom, a trip with my friends, or an upcoming party.

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They sat me down and made me watch a movie that was supposed to scare me about using drugs.

2 4
They sat me down and told me a cautionary tale about a friend or family member who used drugs.

2 4
They called all my friends' parents and told them what we'd been up to.

2 4
They grounded me and took away my privileges.

2 5
They took away any pop culture they thought contributed to my choice.

2 5
They threatened me in surprisingly extreme ways.

3 7
They made me smoke a bunch of pot until it made me sick.

3 7
They sat me down and talked to me about the realities of law enforcement and my increased risks because of how I look.

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They tracked down my dealer.

2 6
They sent me to a scared-straight style workshop.

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They gave me a pass, but made it very clear this could never happen again.

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They called my principal or another school administrator to help deal with it.

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They used corporal punishment to discipline me.

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They forced me to go talk to a religious or spiritual figure.