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Parents Share The Moment They Realized Their Child's Boogeyman Was Not Imaginary

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Many children have imaginary friends as they are growing up. Are they figments of their imagination, a family member that has passed on, or perhaps something darker? Some imaginary friends are lighthearted and considered harmless and temporary additions to the family. Others have a more sinister feel to them that puts both the child and parents on high alert. These stories show that maybe the boogeyman is not just a silly Halloween figure, but a real entity that is far too creepy to imagine.

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    Son Sees Bad Man In The Corner Of His Room

    From Redditor /u/DeathStarJedi:

    2 year old used to have what I thought were nightmares. He'd wake up and say "bad man. bad man." while crying and really shaken.

    Heard him whimpering one night and saw a freakishly tall figure in the baby monitor. Nearly sh*t myself, grabbed my pistol, and ran to his room to find my son locked in the closet and the figure nowhere to be found. The door can only be locked from the outside. There was a grey wool scarf on the floor of his room that I had never seen before. Cops came and filed a B&E report, but there was no signs of forced entry or anything.

    We're planning on moving in a few months.

    Definitely a boogeyman?
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    "Johnny" Is The Bad Man That Sits In The Rocking Chair

    From Redditor /u/lov3lyladym:

    I was tucking my three year old son into bed the other day. We say the typical slew of I love you's , then he just stops talking.

    Extremely atypical. He has maybe shut up one time since his larvae stage. So he puts his head down on his pillow, kind of pointing his face down and rolls his eyes up to look at me. His arm was down by his side, and he just points one little finger towards the rocking chair in his room, without moving his arm.

    He says, "Mommy, before you leave, can you take the rocking chair out of my room so the man will leave me alone?" I'm pretty sure all the color drained from my face. He then proceeds to tell me that the mans name is Johnny and he's a bad man and very mean. Johnny doesn't say anything though because he doesn't have a mouth. He just sits there and stares at my son.

    Definitely a boogeyman?
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    Daughter Tries To Get Boy In Her Room To Stop Asking Questions

    From Redditor /u/flowerscandrink:

    My daughter was 4 years old. One morning I heard her door open and shut. That usually meant that she would be coming to our room to lay down with us. She never came in, but shortly after I heard her voice. Hoping she would go back to sleep I let her be for a bit. Then I heard the door open and shut again. This time I decided to go into her room and see why she kept getting out of bed.

    I walked in and she had her eyes closed.


    "Yes, daddy."

    "Why did you get out of bed?"

    "I didn't, I was trying to sleep but he wouldn't leave me alone. He kept talking to me and asking me questions."

    "He? Who is he?"

    "The little boy that was in my room."

    "Umm, sweetie that was just a dream. There is no boy in your room."

    "I know that. He just left."

    "Ok, well what was the little buy doing?"

    "He was hanging from the fan and asking me a bunch of questions."

    "How was he hanging from the fan? With his arms?"

    "No, with a rope."

    Scariest f*cking moment of my life. I asked her about it about a year later and she said she doesn't remember.

    Definitely a boogeyman?
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    All Three Children Were Frightened By "Shelia" 

    From Redditor /u/Jimslam:

    My then 2-year-old daughter used to scream in the night, and told my wife and I it was because she was visited by a lady. A few weeks later, she stopped screaming. Off handedly, I asked if the lady had stopped coming. She answered "No, she's just nice now. Her name is Shelia. She sleeps in my bed sometimes."

    A year later, my youngest daughter turned 2 and started having the same screaming fits. Talking to her, she described the same lady named "Shelia".

    Skip forward 3 years. We'd never talked with our kids about it, figuring there had to be some active imaginations and sibling story telling involved. Hadn't come up in at least 2 years. We moved with our three kids, including a 2.5 year old son. First night in the new house, he asked "Where will Shelia sleep now?"

    Definitely a boogeyman?