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12 Parents Who Took Justice Into Their Own Hands And Avenged Their Children  

Harrison Tenpas
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This list tells the stories of real moms and dads who committed crimes in the name of vengeance, and the lengths they went to protect their children. The bond between a parent and child is sacred, so when someone hurts children, the parents may reject the feeling of helplessness. Maybe the police have failed to catch the suspect, or they feel the penalty meted out is too light. In some cases, zealous parents attacked others they believed had harmed their child. Whatever the reason may be, sometimes parents feel compelled to avenge their child and take justice into their own hands. 

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A Texas Dad Beat His Toddler's Attacker To Death With His Bare Hands
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In June of 2012, a 23-year-old Texas father (whose name is not released for the privacy of the victim) heard his 5-year-old daughter screaming during a family BBQ. The girl had reportedly walked off on the farm to feed the chickens. The father then rushed into the horse barn and saw 47-year-old ranch hand Jesus Mora Flores molesting the girl.  

The father then beat Flores until the man passed but contacted emergency services. Under Texas law, the father was innocent, and the authorities did not charge him.

A Father Turned Detective To Catch The Man Responsible For His Daughter's Demise

In July of 2000, a local gang took 25-year-old Paola Gallo from her family's weekend home in Tepoztlán, Mexico. The gang demanded a ransom from her family in order to secure her release. Her father, Eduardo Gallo, paid the gang $18,500 in an attempt to meet their demands and save his daughter's life. Authorities found Paola’s lifeless body shortly after.

Investigators apprehended three suspects, but the gunman remained on the loose. As the case stagnated, Gallo decided to take action himself. He shut down his consulting business and took on a role as an amateur detective.

After nearly a year of investigating, Gallo eventually led authorities to the guilty party, with detectives largely crediting the grieving father with securing the suspect's arrest. Gallo's key discovery was a pay phone the man used while he was on the lam. Authorities set a trap at the location and captured 28-year-old Francisco Zamora Arellano, who shortly thereafter confessed.

An Enraged Mother Chased Down An Alleged Food Court Fondler
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Photo:  Arcadia Police Department/via KTLA 5/Public Domain

In November 2014, law enforcement arrested 31-year-old Kwan Yven Chow and charged him on two counts of committing lewd acts on a child under the age of 14. Allegedly, Chow prowled the Dave & Buster's at the Westfield mall in Arcadia, CA, where he would lure boys into the restaurant's bathroom to molest them. 

On November 10, one of Chow's victims ran to his mother to tell her what had happened. The alarmed mother chased down Chow, who was trying to flee on foot, through the shopping mall. Alongside a manager of the restaurant, the mother captured and subdued Chow until authorities arrived on the scene. 

Another victim came forward after the reported incident and maintained Chow had molested him on November 8. Examiners later found Chow unfit to stand trial.

A Father Assaulted The Man Who Tried To Solicit His Young Daughters
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Photo:  Maury County Sheriff's Department/via WKRN/Public Domain

In April of 2013, the courts indicted 67-year-old Thomas Williams on two counts of solicitation of a minor. The minors in question - ages 4 and 7 - were Kenneth Faulkner's daughters. Williams pled guilty and received a three-year sentence of supervised probation.

In July of 2015, law enforcement arrested Faulkner in his hometown of Maury County, TN, and charged him with aggravated assault. Faulkner reportedly confronted Williams and claimed the offender winked at him, setting him off. Police reports indicate that Faulkner punched Williams in the face, then threw him down a staircase. Faulkner then continued to beat Williams.