Shocking Behavior

Parents Reveal The Shocking Secrets That Would Ruin Their Kids' Lives

While most teen movies and TV shows usually portray this scenario the other way around, many parents keep secrets from their kids. Parents keeping secrets from their children obviously happens quite a bit. Despite what adults will say about how lying is wrong, often parents lie to their kids about things like relationships, health, and finances so as to not worry them about subjects they aren't yet concerned with. However, some deep dark parent secrets remain too sensitive or harmful for a mother or father to reveal to their kids. When it comes to different peoples' family secrets, many stories stay in the shadows, only surfacing in cathartic testimonies on the anonymous internet.

Using the faceless platform of Reddit, parents share their secrets that their sons and daughters do not know about them. In some cases, these secrets will be revealed with time as they get older. But many, many others will be taken to the grave by mom and dad.