Parents Reveal The Shocking Secrets That Would Ruin Their Kids' Lives

While most teen movies and TV shows usually portray this scenario the other way around, many parents keep secrets from their kids. Parents keeping secrets from their children obviously happens quite a bit. Despite what adults will say about how lying is wrong, often parents lie to their kids about things like relationships, health, and finances so as to not worry them about subjects they aren't yet concerned with. However, some deep dark parent secrets remain too sensitive or harmful for a mother or father to reveal to their kids. When it comes to different peoples' family secrets, many stories stay in the shadows, only surfacing in cathartic testimonies on the anonymous internet.

Using the faceless platform of Reddit, parents share their secrets that their sons and daughters do not know about them. In some cases, these secrets will be revealed with time as they get older. But many, many others will be taken to the grave by mom and dad. 

  • Her Biological Father Tried To Kill Her

    From Redditor/u/speckleeyed:

    Two things: my daughter had an identical twin who didn't survive, and the man she knows as her father is not her father.

    I was in an abusive relationship and the biological father decided he would rather us both be dead if I didn't want to be with him. So he started driving into oncoming traffic. I reacted by fleeing the vehicle at 45 mph because I saw a cop car parked a block away. I opened the door, grabbed my knees, tucked my head, and rolled out. I ended up really bruised and sore and it killed one of the babies. But I made it to the police and never saw him again.

  • Mom Gave Her Away

    From a former Redditor:  

    This is actually about my sister. When she was a baby my mother tried to give her away because she didn't want her. My dad found out and got her back from the woman. She is now 21 and still doesn't know.

  • His Parents Hid A Full Scholarship

    From Redditor/u/fidas_orator:

    Other way around. My father was a great hockey player in my town and played quite well throughout university. I still get told all the time by everyone from my home town how great of a hockey player he is and I should be proud, and they don't know how he never went to the bigger leagues. Well, I was moving my grandparents to a nursing home and stumbled on a letter from a university offering him a full scholarship to go play hockey for them. My grandparents never told him because they didn't want him to leave the family farm, and as far as I know he still doesn't know about that (at least 30 years have gone by).

    Now, my grandparents have passed and I still haven't told him. If my parents ever tried to hide a opportunity like that from me I think I would disown them.

  • Their Parents Struggled With Substance Use

    From Redditor/u/Donner1701:

    My adopted kids came from a couple of meth addicts. Even though they all remember their birth mom and dad fondly, they have no idea how horrible they really were and how much they put the kids lives in danger.

    I'm not sure if I can ever tell them that.

  • They Keep Their Son's Secret

    From a former Redditor:  

    My teenage football star son will occasionally put on my wife's dresses and hang around the house. He acts like he is being funny but he does it for hours. We noticed recently that he also does it sometimes when no one is home (dresses re-arranged, not put on hangers perfectly). So he's a masculine, studly, cross-dressing football star in HS.

    This would destroy him if it got out. We think it's okay and are happy to let him explore.

  • They Will Probably Have Cancer

    From Redditor/u/purplish_squirrel:

    Mine will probably (50% chance) get cancer due to a genetic defect (BRCA2). I will obviously tell them when they are old enough to understand what that means and how to keep it in check.