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People Reveal The Moment They Realized The Kids In Their Lives Are Super Creepy

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The world is full of parents with creepy kids. Children are unpredictable, which can often be precocious and cute and then at other times utterly terrifying. Between their wild imaginations and untamed emotions, children often pick up words and stories and repeat them. But there's nothing more bone chilling than a parent hearing their child say something that defies explanation. Some of the best scary stories aren't urban myths, but simply when real parents reveal the moment they figured out their kids were creepy. 

Whether its erratic behavior, seeing things that aren't there, talking to themselves, remembering past lives, or discussing monsters lurking under the bed, it can sometimes be difficult to decipher a child from a possessed person. Try not to wonder if the joys of parenting are vastly overblown as you read these true chilling stories from Reddit users describing their creepy kids and the times they were super freaked out. 

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    The Lady In The Wardrobe

    From user aceshighjmac:

    I have two kids and they are both creepy. When my son was four, he told me he wished he could cut my head off and take it to school with him. A couple of weeks after her fifth birthday, while I put my daughter to bed, she asked 'why doesn't the lady in my wardrobe like you daddy?'

    My daughter is now eight years old, and a couple of months ago I woke up in the night. It was pitch black in the bedroom and I could hear someone breathing behind me near the window. I rolled over, and she was standing there, staring at me, with her glow in the dark glasses. I asked her what she was doing. She said that she was watching me sleep to see if I 'floated too.' I'm positive she still talks to the wardrobe lady at night, my weird child. My six year old son is also morbidly obsessed with me dying and has already planned my funeral. The other day he showed me a drawing of me in a coffin, but my head was still attached thankfully.

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    His Past Life

    From Anonymous Reddit user:

    I have seven year old boy and girl twins. Ever since my son turned one, he would always smash any dolls we gave him head first into the ground. When he turned three and could walk, he would follow you around and stare at you behind your back, like a little evil demon. He is so sneaky too, I wouldn't have known about this hobby if it wasn't for the cameras in the house. He pretends to be happy and smiling when you look at him, but when your back turns, he gets a blank stare.

    When he could finally communicate well, he told my wife and I that he was smashing dolls to let us know how he [passed] in his past life. He claims he was born on February 11, 1808, and was [slain] when he was 15. The [culprit] him was a friend of his previous parents and had bashed his head into the ground and was never caught. He has nightmares where he wakes up screaming and claims to be seeing himself [wiped out] every night. He also claims that he chose us to be his parents. He said that he watched and waited for the right time to pick out who he wanted his parents to be.

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    Don't Worry About The Road

    From user Racketmensch:

    While waiting at a crosswalk for the light to turn green, my three year old asked why I didn't cross right away. I told him that I could be hit by a car... if I am not careful. He turned to me and said, 'But daddy, you don't die on the road. You die in a fire.'

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    Lizard Bane

    From user MightyG2:

    I was at a yard party and I walked up to my friend and his kid. This kid has a lizard and he's squeezing the sh** out of it. By the time I walk up, blood and guts are oozing out of the poor thing, it's dead. This kid is laughing, going on and on about all the 'cool stuff' coming out. He was revved up ... I mean he was into it. I looked at his dad and it's actually the first time I ever really connected with the phrase 'rictus grin.' The guy was looking at his kid with that frigging smile and total fear on his face. It was like something out of a movie. Creepy as it gets.

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