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Which 'Parks And Rec' Character Are You, According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Look, you could find out which character from a popular movie franchisebook series, or TV show you are by clicking through quizzes or... you could simply look to the stars. Yeah - that’s right. Instead of giving yourself carpal tunnel by repeatedly tapping your finger against your phone screen or mousepad, you could just remember what your zodiac sign is and figure it out from there. By matching signs with Parks and Rec characters, you can easily compare your personality against that of a fictional character's and see if all of our characteristics are determined by astrology.  

Are you a stubborn Taurus who has always suspected they had a decent amount in common with Ron Swanson? Are you an ambitious Capricorn who sees a lot of themselves in Leslie Knope? Or are you a Scorpio that thinks they may share a few... dark tendencies with April Ludgate? If you've ever wondered which Parks and Rec character you are, and also happen to have a deep, deep love of the zodiac, then you've come to the right place.