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Parks And Recreation Fan Theories Even Tastier Than JJ's Waffles

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Parks and Recreation may have ended in 2015, but we're still not ready to move out of Pawnee and into a world without Leslie Knope. While most of us are content watching reruns and dreaming of a world where Leslie Knope actually became president, some of us just can't let go of our crazy and unbelievable Parks and Rec fan theories.

There was a lot that happened during Parks and Recreation's seven seasons, and if you're a fan of conspiracy theories, that's a whole lot of fodder. You may be contemplating the meaning behind Ron Swanson's will or trying to figure out Leslie Knope's secret (don't forget she's an Eagletonian!). You may even have crafted a crazy theory about Jerry on P&R (seriously, he's a beautiful enigma). If you look beneath the surface, Pawnee, Indiana, is far more than a fictional town. Some Parks and Recreation enthusiasts swear Friends and/or Stranger Things take place in the same world. Some believe that The Office is happening just a few states away. Could everything really be connected?

While some Parks and Recreation fan theories are more plausible than others, there's one thing we can't deny. Each and every one of these fan theories are so delicious they're better than – dare we say it – Leslie's favorite waffles. Which ones do you believe? And for more funny shows like Parks and Recreation, Watchworthy's got you covered!

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    Andy Dwyer Is A Secret Genius

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    Andy Dwyer may be a loveable goof, but he is anything but intelligent. Redditor GosmeisterGeneral believes that it's all an act, however, and Andy is actually a secret genius. Avid watchers of Parks and Rec know that Andy got a 1500 on his SATs and 100% on his written police exam. There's also his career trajectory. He went from homelessness to having a globe-trotting career and becoming a local celebrity as a children's entertainer. Stuff like that doesn't happen by accident!

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    Jerry Is A Sleeper Agent

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    What if Jerry wasn't a bumbling buffoon, but rather the smartest, most inconspicuous secret agent of all time? This Reddit fan theory from Theluckygal suggests that the reason why Jerry is so cringe-worthy at work – but so accomplished at home – is because he's hiding the fact that he's a secret agent. Think about it: his family life has zero drama and is something straight out of Pleasantville. It's all for show. In the one episode where characters dig up dirt on each other's pasts, Jerry is terrified about what they will find. Why? At one point, Ben even suspected that Jerry's wife was a spy who married Jerry for citizenship. Couple this with the fact that plenty of spies have been caught working for the government before, and it's a slam dunk.

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    'Friends' And 'Parks And Recreation' Exist In The Same Universe

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    This creative Reddit fan theory suggests that Friends and Parks and Recreation actually exist in the same universe – but could it be? In short, the link occurs in Season 7 Episode 9 of Friends when Rachel Green is talking about how she doesn't sleep with men on the first date. Monica lists the men she's broken this rule with, and among the names is Ben Wyatt, AKA Leslie Knope's hubby and partner-in-crime. Ben would've been in his 20s at the time, which lands this theory into the realm of total plausibility.

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    Ann Is In The Witness Protection Program

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    There's a reason Ann Perkins seems like such a familiar character on Parks and Rec – it's because we've seen her before in The Office. This fan theory suggests that Ann Perkins is actually Karen Filippelli. The thinking basically goes that Karen testified against the Scranton Strangler, and she had to enter the Witness Protection Program. Is there a better place to hide than a small, rural town in the middle of Indiana?

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