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Parks And Recreation Fan Theories Even Tastier Than JJ's Waffles

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Parks and Recreation may have ended in 2015, but we're still not ready to move out of Pawnee and into a world without Leslie Knope. While most of us are content watching reruns and dreaming of a world where Leslie Knope actually became president, some of us just can't let go of our crazy and unbelievable Parks and Rec fan theories.

There was a lot that happened during Parks and Recreation's seven seasons, and if you're a fan of conspiracy theories, that's a whole lot of fodder. You may be contemplating the meaning behind Ron Swanson's will or trying to figure out Leslie Knope's secret (don't forget she's an Eagletonian!). You may even have crafted a crazy theory about Jerry on P&R (seriously, he's a beautiful enigma). If you look beneath the surface, Pawnee, Indiana, is far more than a fictional town. Some Parks and Recreation enthusiasts swear Friends and/or Stranger Things take place in the same world. Some believe that The Office is happening just a few states away. Could everything really be connected?

While some Parks and Recreation fan theories are more plausible than others, there's one thing we can't deny. Each and every one of these fan theories are so delicious they're better than – dare we say it – Leslie's favorite waffles. Which ones do you believe? And for more funny shows like Parks and Recreation, Watchworthy's got you covered!

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    Ron Swanson Is April Ludgate's Real Father

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    We all know Ron Swanson is April Ludgate's mentor, but what if Ron Swanson was actually April's father? Their personalities are extraordinarily similar, and April knows Ron's biggest secret – he moonlights as Duke Silver, a sax player at an Eagleton bar. She only knows this because her mom has his albums. One fan theory suggests that April's mom had a one-night stand with a local sax player after one of his gigs. That man was Ron Swanson. Some could argue that April's younger sister disproves this theory, but you never know.

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    Steve Harrington from 'Stranger Things' Is Jean-Ralphio's Father

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    Fans of both Stranger Things and Parks and Rec have noticed an uncanny resemblance between Jean-Ralphio Saperstein and Steve Harrington – and that's because they may be related. One popular fan theory suggests that Jean-Ralphio is the son of Nancy's not-so-nice boyfriend Steve. Jean-Ralphio was born two years after the events of Stranger Things took place and eventually settled in Pawnee. Since Pawnee is located just 90 miles from Indianapolis, and Hawkins may be even closer, it's not a stretch.

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    Mark Is Dead

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    Mark Brendanawicz left Parks and Rec at the end of the Season 2 when he decided to work for a private contractor instead of the local government. His absence throughout subsequent seasons led one fan to come to the conclusion that he must've died somewhere between Seasons 2 and 3. The theory suggests that, after Ann dumped him, he became so severely depressed that he killed himself. The other characters never brought it up because the show is technically a documentary, and they didn't want to mention his suicide out of respect.

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    April Ludgate Was Abused By Her Parents

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    Fan theories aren't all fun and games. Sometimes they're kind of dark. One somber fan theory suggests that April's personality has to do with the fact that she and her sister were abused by their parents as children. This explains why April and her sister are agoraphobic, cruel, and manipulative. It's why April married a man completely unlike her within months of meeting him and why April's sister had Andy arrested when he picked her up from work, basically saying he was a pervert. It’s also important to note that no one walked April down the aisle when she got married, proving a less-than-stellar relationship with her dad.

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