Every Band Name Mouse Rat Tried On 'Parks And Recreation,' Ranked

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When it comes to naming his band, Parks and Recreation's Andy Dwyer entertains all sorts of monikers regardless of taste, grammar, or general meaning. Because of this, the funny alternate Mouse Rat band names on Parks and Rec cover a wide range of topics and references; some touch upon established acts like Alice in Chains, while others play on words in a way only Andy can. It's one of the best running jokes on Parks and Rec and you might argue they even qualify as some of Parks and Recreation's funniest quotes, but if you're honest with yourself, a name like "Scarecrow Boat" deserves its own list... and possibly a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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    Scrotation Marks

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    Just The Tip

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    Department Of Homeland Obscurity

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    Teddy Bear Suicide

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    Scarecrow Boat