People You Forgot Guest Starred on Parks & Recreation  

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It probably no surprise that a show starring Amy Poehler and created by the guys from The Office was chock full of hilarious guest stars. But beyond the great comedians who popped up on Parks and Rec were plenty of other famous faces you probably didn't expect.

Leslie Knope's relentless devotion to government allowed for the writers to fit in some cameos from heavy hitters in the political world. From Michelle Obama to John McCain, Leslie was lucky enough to rub elbows with some of Washington's elite. And that's when she wasn't going on dates with Justin Theroux (AKA Justin Anderson) or taking in a concert by (Donna's cousin) Ginuwine.

The best Parks and Recreation guest stars contributed to some of the most memorable episodes of the show. These are the guest appearances by beloved actors, musicians, and politicians that you probably forgot about. Which famous people on Parks & Recreation were your favorite?
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Episode: Season 5, Episode 21: "Moving Up"
Role: Herself

Michelle Obama was the keynote speaker at "National Parks Conference," where she happened to run into Leslie and recruit her for the White House's "Let's Move" campaign. Of course, maintaining composure during the conversation was tough for Leslie, who idolized FLOTUS for her intelligence and political savvy.

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Episodes: Season 6, Episode 22: "Moving Up"; Season 7, Episode 1: "2017"
Role: Ed

And you thought Jerry was bad at his job! Hamm made a brief appearance a couple times, playing a super incompetent employee of the National Parks Department. In the series finale, Leslie finally fires him.

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Episode: Season 2, Episode 13: "The Set Up"
Role: Justin Anderson

Justin Anderson is a lawyer friend of Ann's. Ann sets him up with Leslie, and the two date briefly for a few episodes, before she eventually dumps him. It doesn't help that he and Tom get along so well.

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Episode: Season 6, Episode 1: "London: Part 1"
Role: Ulee Danssen

In season six, Leslie and the gang travel to the UK so that Leslie can accept an award for great women in local government. While she's there, she meets Ulee, the mayor of a town in Denmark. Ulee explains how much her town adores her, which makes Leslie feel terrible about the way Pawnee feels about her.

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