Unspeakable Times

Paroled Murderers Who Were Freed Only to Kill Again

One of the most fundamental concepts in the criminal justice system is that of recidivism, a formally incarcerated person’s relapse into criminal behavior. The rates vary from crime to crime, but the sad truth is that many murderers who were released from jail turned around and committed crimes on parole. This list looks at some of those disgusting crimes committed after murderers were given a new lease on life. Some of the killers in these stories seem to be a product of the prison cycle that refuses to allow ex-convicts to escape the Groundhog Day of crime and drug abuse they’re stuck in. But most of the terrifying tales are simply the stories of murderers who couldn’t bring themselves to live a normal life. Prepare to cover your eyes as you read these stories of paroled murderers who were freed only to kill again.

This list of parolees who murdered is quite astounding. They aren’t from one country, of one race or creed, but they were all imprisoned for long periods of time, and most of them were allowed back into society after the death penalty was thrown out, allowing the convicts to be paroled. One of the eerie similarities in all of the cases on this list of inmates who murdered when they were released is how quickly each ex-con murdered someone. Some waited days, some a few months, but the longest hold out in all of these stories is only a couple of years.